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April 20, 2005



Beth - that is an over-the-Green-Monster-and-onto-the-Mass-Pike post...

Thanks God for baseball, indeed.


So I was there, and my dad called and said, "That landed on the goddamn Pike!" which, of course, I couldn't see from my seat. And I kind of realized that even though my dad wasn't actually there as in next to me, he was there. God, I love baseball.


Wow, what a homer. Made me think of Adam Dunn's 535 foot shot last year. And Willy Mo Pena's 492 foot shot this year. And Derek Lee's 470 foot homer this week. There have been some awesome ones lately.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Oh, yeah, when Sportscenter showed the highlights of that thing... going OVER the light tower, and bouncing onto the Pike... and then the camera sat there for a minute, like they were waiting for it to keep bouncing once it was amongst the rushing cars... lovely.

And Beth, by the by, I'll have access to internet on my own computer back by, say, Saturday, so I'll be able to send you a banner design then.

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