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April 15, 2005



...Hoboy. That's, uh, pretty bad.


I'll admit that I enjoy a good larf at the expense of others, but that? Ehhh. If it's true, it's just sad. It if was a hoax to get on the air, it was an unfunny one.

I'll stick with the Darwin Awards.

Boston Fan in Michigan


I can't wait to get back to Boston sports radio. Out here they spend weekends using their sports station for something called 'Appliance Talk'.


*bangs head against desk realizing that people may actually think New Englanders are this dumb*


Honestly, this woman sounds very unintelligent and I don't like making fun of truly stupid or dumb people. I didn't hear it so this is just second hand, but we should all stick to bashing Yankee Fans and others who have a brain but choose not to use it. This poor woman is just not with it, so let's all leave her alone.


OK, there seem to be two themes developing here: People who get what I was going for, and people who are bringing the guilt trip for some reason.

I have a blanket response to the latter: If you get a laugh out of this post, then great. But it wasn't just posted for its humor.


Aside from the radio hosts who may have had some fun with her (didn't listen), who's bashing?


I thought about it ... and I guess I fail to see your other reasoning for posting this.

Maybe it's how you break away from the actual story several times to take jabs, or at the very least, point out her idiocy while giving a breakdown of it, that is causing my inability to see the deeper meaning.

So, what is it?


who cares?

but, basically, i thought it was astonishing that someone of intelligence that diminished could still a) read a paper and b) operate a phone. the fact that she did both, spoke normally, and had a point to her call (albeit, a dumb point) made me assume she was within a normal (if low) intelligence range.

although, frankly, i never thought i'd be called upon to explain my reasoning to this extent. and i still say, if it offends you that much, move on.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Guys, we're talking about a presumably grown woman who thinks that 'Philistine' is a nationality. In what way, shape, or form is this not absolutely hilarious?

I mean, besides what Kristen said, what with it making Bahstonians look less then Einsteinian...


a) nothing offends me
b) you said you didn't really post it for the humor factor, yet your explanation does nothing but imply it was for the humor factor.
c) um, nothing. But I started an itemized list so it had to be more than 2 items.
d) new season, same disagreements. I love baseball.


i could go back over my response to your question, word by word, and illustrate how i could not disagree with your point b) more, but let's just drop it, shall we?

it really wasn't that big a deal to me. if you thought it was funny, great. if you thought it was a sobering example of diminished intelligence in our society, great. if you think i'm a great big meanie, great. but it really didn't warrant this much discussion and gnitpicking. i still fail to understand your sanctimonious stance on this--but you'll notice i'm not grilling you for an explanation.


Sanctimonious. Haha. I don't think I ever have or ever will again have the word associated with me. You're right. Consider it dropped.

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