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May 24, 2005



You need to think outside the box here, Beth. It sounds to me like you'd make a mean closer:

1) Throwing really hard but not accurately would scare the shit out of the opposition;
2) Trash-talking / fighting skills would be useful when you hit batters as a result of 1);
3) You wouldn't need to hit;
4) Ducking (as a self-protectory measure) is OK if you're on the mound - you're not expected to catch the ball, just not get beaned by it;
5) Who needs depth perception? just fling the ball in the vicinity of the plate and watch everyone take cover;
6) Two words for you: David Wells...

Oh, and if the SG'ers need a no-hit, good-glove center-fielder, you know where to find me ;-)


I believe one talent all SGers would share would be to "talk trash like a motherfucker."

SG, SOSH, Remy Report.....we need another one. Even numbers are good. What about the Royal Rooters?

I played outfield during all softball/baseball rotations in gym during highschool. Never very well. And the one IM softball I've played sofar in college, I played catcher, which I was slightly better at. Though we got creamed 15-6. ( And I seem to hit slightly better then I field. SLIGHTLY.)
I'd be totally in though.

Boston Fan in Michigan

I'm really good at slamming people into walls.

Which was great when I played hockey, but I'm not sure how useful it would be in a baseball context..

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