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May 18, 2005



I will take my gloating where I can get it. Because I know that it can't/won't last forever. Also, I just like saying the word "schadenfreude."


You might also note that the Spankees ten-game streak has come courtesy of the sad sack AL West. More gloating may come when they have to play some quality teams.


right, but we haven't been doing so hot vs. the AL West of late, either.


Considering injuries - we're doing just fine. Imagine the Yanks without Johnson and Pavano.


Be nice if we stopped leaving all those guys on base, though. But I guess if we did that, we wouldn't be the Red Sox ;-)


I never counted the Yankees out. They've got a tremendous team; their losses were more of an anomaly than anything else. However, that at least evens the playing field between an improved Yankees team and the-same-if-not-worse Red Sox squad.


I think it's too early to worry about the Yanks for sure. Don't forget who five of those last ten have come from - the Mariners.

I live in the area these days, and I can assure you, this isn't fearsome competition on most days.

By the by - last night's victory needed at least two pieces of Mariner help.

1. Sexson dropping a ball that went STRAIGHT AT HIS MITT, and 2. More evidence that Putz hasn't yet figured out that if you ALWAYS throw 95 mph fastballs someone'll realize.

Relax with a nice fruit smoothie and be glad you can watch NESN and the Sox.


Anyone else get a weird feeling about Heidi Klum and Angeline Jolie? Like they're about to come to my house, knock on the door and demand a 4-some with me and my wife? And my wife will agree and force me to do it despite the fact that she is the only one for me? [hey, when I opened my damn mouth and suggested the Yankees might reel off "80 in a row" look what happened, so this is worth a shot]...see "Rebuked" by Beth on May 7th.

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