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May 24, 2005



Yep, last night was miserable, but the kids don't care, my son's team won again last night in the mud :)


We used to like playing in the rain, and there weren't rainouts unless it was pouring, or unless it was starting to thunder and lightning.


when I was a kid in little league, and it rained (as it does a lot here in the PNW), the first thing our coach would make us do, after we all got there and before the game started, was all line up at third and take turns running and sliding headfirst into home.

That way, we were all muddy before the game started and nobody would be afraid to get sloppy during the game.

To my recollection, we never rained out - even when it rained so hard that you could barely see the pitcher. Good stuff.

Boston Fan in Michigan

One of the things I always liked better about football.


At the beginning of this endless deluge, I asked a Little League mom about rain-outs, and was told they stop only for lightening and snow. That's tough, considering these kids 1.) are kids 2.)aren't getting paid. Would lead me to think that they actually enjoy what they're doing, unlike a number of overpaid, whiney "professionals" who are, ahem, adults.


you got a point, but what i've also heard is that major-league infields are made of crushed brick, which bad things result from if it gets saturated. that's why they always cover the infield first. also, like i said above, another argument i've heard is that Little League kids aren't throwing the ball at 95 miles an hour. someone (i think kevin millar) described throwing a baseball in a downpour as being like trying to throw a wet bar of soap. another reason i think may be that major league teams are playing for a paying (often over-paying)audience, and i think many baseball crowds would rather have a rain date and come back when it's decent than sit through a driving downpour for 5 1/2 innings (enough to make it an official game) of sloppy, stupid baseball. but all that notwithstanding, you do still have a point. and i'm thrilled that you paid me a visit :-)

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