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May 26, 2005


Boston Fan in Michigan

Oh, look at you, all with your fancy 'I understand the concept of the trackback button unlike the poor sods I link to' and whatnot. Pshaw.

But yeah, DaMeat fears no one. He is so Detroit. Teh love.


Gotta admit, Yankee Hater that I am notwithstanding, that Quantrill has a point here. I was AT that Spring training game when Young blasted Flaherty and then proclaimed "We're not the same old Tigers anymore...blah blah.." You knew something would happen between these two clubs at some point. A-Rod (hamburger helper hands, purple lips and all) has been a punching bag for the last 6 months - so when they hit him, Quantrill did the "team player thing" by drilling this guy. Plus, he didn't go to his head - he nailed him right between the shoulder blades in the back. Whatever, I feel creepy defending a Yankee, but I get pissed off at crappy teams acting tough. Like when the D-Rays try to get tough with us. Have a great Holiday all.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Uh huh, because Detroit's such a 'crappy team' that they just swept the first-place Orioles. They're so crappy that their pitching staff has one of the lowest collective ERAs in the majors. Man, crap like that has no place even playing with the Yankees, let alone acting like they care about how they do on the field of play.

And Quantrill did the 'team player thing' by passing up on 3 everday players so that he could plunk the replacement player who was least likely to charge the mound. A big man indeed.

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