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June 07, 2005



The pod people explanation is the only reasonable one...


Pod people and the lunar eclipse...

Boston Fan in Michigan

//So that's David Eckstein...//

Beth, don't make me break out the phrase 'shortstop shuffle'... :P

It is a strange state of affairs. I remember wondering at the time why the 'much vaunted' Cardinals offense wasn't showing up. Guess we're seeing it now.

mr. blandandwhite

I think having Curt and Pedro last year helped a lot too.

I've always liked Eckstein, but just not against the Sox. X-Factor was always a thorn in the side when he was on the Angels and the trend continues... (why cant we get playahs like that) ;)

For some reason, The Sox always suck against the NL teams during interleague play.

The Cards may get some feelings of revenge for taking this series but thankfully we still get to keep the rings and they trophy.


//I think having Curt and Pedro last year helped a lot too.//

Yes yes yes yes.

From game 4 of the ALCS to Game 4 of tehe W, Sox starters and pitchers executed perfectly.

Now the only one I trust to do well in any given situation is Timlinator. The rest of the rotation and the bullpen is shaky.


Good, good... someone already mentioned Pedro and Curt being the big difference.

The Cards are (mostly) good, aggressive baserunners. They can do damage playing small ball, something that Boston cannot...

It's harder to slump when you can execute small ball-style. Easier to slump when you wait for those homers, or that one big inning.

And pitching... blech, Cards have such an upper hand this year. It's not even close.

Boston Fan in Michigan


David Eckstein was not a Cardinal last year.


Right. Because that would mean Cabrera was an Angel last year.

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