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June 04, 2005


mr. blackandwhite

I was listening to this while I mowed my lawn on Sat.

I already looked like a goof because I was wearing large yellow headphones (hearing protection / radio) with a big antenna sticking out of it, blue reflective shades and a white ball cap, which was turned backwards (rally cap).

As I listened to the bullpen emplode my neighbors were probably wondering if I was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes or had just gone nuts because I was shouing the F word and wildly flailing my arms around in anger...

At least the sun was out and the sky was blue that day... (and they won Sunday. that helped! :)

Boston Fan in Michigan

Aw, c'mon. This always happens. Win some, lose some, do the excruciating bullpen dance. If it helps, the Yankees lost the series to the Twinkies.

Of course, I didn't see Sunday's game... but that was because I was at my friend's video exhibition, not because O PAIN AND AGONY MY BASEBALL IS WOE. :)

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