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June 28, 2005


Boston Fan in Michigan

Mmm, they threw back Hafner's shot from last night. Not to be confused with Hafner's grand slam shot from tonight, which I heard on the radio while driving by the beach with my friends. Ha ha. I was fun to be in a car with while that went down.


Oh, good, I'm the only one I knew who was spewing venom in Boone's direction and I was starting to wonder if I maybe needed to chill out a tad.

You're absolutely right about 2004 not cancelling out 2003. Anyone who doesn't buy that should just pop in "Still, We Believe" and watch all the way through to the end. (But definitely follow it up with a viewing of "Faith Rewarded" before you jump out a window.)

mr. blackandwhite

When I was at the Sox / Seattle game about a month ago, we (meaning everybody at Fenway) booed Bret Boone every time he came up. Prompting the following commentary from my friend, "It's pretty bad when you get booed for something your brother did".

"Well he deserves it" I said

Boone definetly brings back memories of 2003 that feel like the dull ache from an old injury. I found myself uttering 'Timmlan in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th' last night. Some scars never heal up all the way I guess.


I've never felt any animosity towards Boone. To me, 2003 was lost with the Grady/Pedro show, and Boone was just an instrument in a foregone conclusion. It could have been any Yankee, and Boone was one of the least hateworthy pinstripers at the time. If it were Jeter or Posada, different story. And for me, 2004 made 2003 (and everything before that) simply "the past." Bad times, but it's all butter now. Let the poor bastard do his thing in Cleveland.

Boston Fan in Michigan

No, see, SOME of us are trying to gain ground in the AL Central, and have extra reasons to hate the Wahoos. Aaron Boone=evil. Stop the evil. Hate the evil. Root for the Tigers. Very simple. :)


We were booing Boone during yesterday's game (Wake's win) and some idiot "I go to one sox game a year and don't pay any attention otherwise" woman turns to her friend and says "isn't that cute, they say 'Booooone' when he comes up to bat!". I had to hold my daughter back from eviserating the woman right there with her bare hands.

Later I have to explain to another idiot why we hate Aaron so much. "Why is everyone booing him? Did he win a game recently against us?" Yeah, a year and a half ago. ALCS, Game 7. Ever heard of it? And it still hurts! Damn yahoos! Stay home so the real fans can get a ticket to go to the game!

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