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June 19, 2005



Hey great Pictures. One request, more Bellhorn please!


//Dear Boston Red Sox,
Please do not ever sell these people tickets, ever again. If you do, though, make sure it's in an infield grandstand and they have a pole directly in front of them. These right here are the people that deserve those particular seats.

Dear Boston Red Sox,
If you want to sell those people's tickets to someone, I'll gladly take them off your hands. Having never been fortunate enough to see a Sox game I can promise you - and Beth - that I would sit in reverential silence, drinking in the atmosphere of the cathedral that is Fenway Park, standing up and applauding only when it is esteemed correct ballpark etiquette to do so.


no, no, iain, you get the really good seats behind home plate. sucky people should get the pole seats.

honestly, there should be a merit system. some kind of written test, maybe, to determine seat quality.


The really good seats, from where I can spend the whole of the game calling my friends on my cellphone and waving like an idiot at the NESN cameras. And take part in the wave, naturally ;-)

As for the test: an English friend here in Paris thought about devising a photo test for his work colleagues when France won the World Cup in '98 (and everyone jumped on the bandwagon). The idea was that you wouldn't be allowed to gloat about France's success unless you could name a whole series of players from past teams. That could work at Fenway...

Either that, or giving priority to those fans wearing Dave Roberts jerseys ;-)




Boston Fan in Michigan

Those are QUITE the photos of Mr. Varitek.




He looks like that and he gets to be called "Mr. Varitek." I quite agree. Also, Beth totally loves me.


i totally do.

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