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June 21, 2005


Boston Fan in Michigan

The whole 'media snarking at a player who refuses to talk to them' thing? Yeah, just went through that in Detroit. Pudge won't talk to reporter Lynn Henning, Lynn Henning gets pissed and writes an article insinuating the Pudge is on steroids. Internet erupts with discussion.

Makes me mad as a hatter, it does.

Sox Fan in the Heart of the Beast

It's also probably the biggest reason Jim Rice is not in the HOF. Yeah, his career numbers don't reach some of the apparently magic milestones, but he was certainly one of the most dominating offensive players of his time. So what gives? Apparently he didn't like sportswriters and the feeling was mutual, so they wouldn't support his candidacy for the Hall.

As Boston Fan in Michigan points out, this phenomenon is hardly unique to Boston. However, because the passions run so high around the Sox that it does seem more pronounced.

It's understandable that on a personal level some sportswriters just can't stand some of the players. The writers are supposed to be professionals, though, and unless a guy's lockerroom behavior is affecting the team's fortunes, I can't see how it's newsworthy.

I'm guessing that as long as Foulke continues his resurgence (assuming Monday was a blip, not a signal), the snarky comments about him will slowly go away. Take A-Wad for example -- two months ago when the Yanks were slumping and he was making crucial errors in the field, writers pointed out how isolated he was in the clubhouse, and how plastic he seemed. Now that he's mashing again and seems to have corrected some of his fielding problems, those same writers shamelessly tout him for MVP.


a break from maturity for just a moment--

"A-Wad" HA!! I haven't heard that one before, and I have heard MANY permutations of A-Rod nicknames. good show!

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