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June 10, 2005



This is why we need a dugout cam at all times. That's why picture in picture was invented.

As for Carson, I love him. I know what you're saying about the burdern of representation and you're not wrong it's just, he's a very smart man. He knows exactly what he's doing. It's all about marketing for them and he's playing up his "angle" or his "role" or what have you for the sake of ratings. It's the same way I feel about Eminem or so, Marilyn Manson. All much smarter men than they let on for the benefit of marketing to an audience.

Plus, I gotta respect someone who can fully appreciate the Thighs of Freedom. (Also, hooray for introducing phrases into the vernacular!) And Mrs. Varitek and I are still arch-enemies in my mind. Grrr...


well maybe it's just me, then, because i really despise carson, persona or no.

Boston Fan in Michigan

I just didn't like the pink jersey. I still think that should be outlawed for everyone. Gay or straight, male or female or some combination of the two, no one should be allowed to wear those things.


I kind of liked Mirabelli spazzing out about his outfit. While I have the fashion instincts of a rock, and have stuck with the same t-shirt-and-jeans combo for a decade, I am assured by people who know these things that Carson's taste in clothing is execrable. (I was a big old QE groupie for a while, and sometimes I'd see Carson pick out something that would make even me go, "Oh, gross.") So I enjoyed that Belli appeared to know better.


Great blog! Go Red Sox! Good comments on the Queer Eye show - I too found Karen Varitek to be a very pleasant change from what appears to be the 'typical' pro athlete wife. Like, well, she's a real woman. A real and wonderful woman. THAT'S why Tek is CAPTAIN, folks. Or at least one more shining example of what a great and intelligent man he is.

You mentioned Michelle Damon: I found it extremely annoying when she insisted on showing how she coordinated her underwear (thank GOD they cut the scene right there) and how she TAUGHT Johnny how to do this friggin profound thing.

Anyway - I found myself cringing waiting for Carson to say something really inappropriate around the kids... I am left to wonder what sound bites ended up in the delete bin? LOL!

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