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June 13, 2005


The Red Seat

Nice shirt!!

Boston Fan in Michigan

My condolences on the event.

Cathedral of a football stadium? Cathedral? Of a football stadium? I'm sorry, but it's a bloody horseshoe. You want a cathedral of a football stadium you're going to have to go to Ann Arbor and experience the largest crowd in football history, pro or college.

And you know what? We've got Mike Matheny. You've got Nick Swisher. 'Nuff said.


condolences for what? my little sister graduated. that's really all i give a crap about.


must... restrain... self... from... AAAARGH

Boston Fan in Michigan

Why, condolences on having to spend time on the Ohio State campus, of course.... ;)


look, as far as the rivalry thing goes, i'm pretty neutral. my sister goes to OSU, so i support her school. but really, her graduation was a very special event for me, and spending time on the OSU campus was certainly better than any time i spent on my own college campus (umass).

Boston Fan in Michigan

Heh, I know. But what fun is a rivalry if you don't indulge in it?


i guess i just don't feel really passionately about it. but what i know is that i've been more "into" my sister's school than my own. then again, that's not difficult considering i hated my school with the fire of a thousand supernovas.


I think it's ''supernovae''.


yes, and i believe the expression i'm currently looking for is "get a life."

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