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July 27, 2005



Leave Manny alone. Yeah, he needs to play today. Oh well. He must have a reason why he can't play.

The article about him wanting out is total crap. Why do so many Red Sox fans insist on believing the bullshit media?


maybe because this has happened multiple times. the first time i gave ramirez the benefit of the doubt. now he's just starting to sound like a whining, immature brat.


I agree Manny can come off selfish, but... what are you gonna do? Get rid of him? No thanks. Manny slumping is still better than 99% of MLB. Until that's not true, I'm willing to put up with personality issues.

Also... this 'Manny asks to be traded' story is the most clear-cut case of media fabrication I'e seen in a while.


what makes you say that, about the fabrication, andrew? what have you seen that convinces you of that?

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