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July 27, 2005



I would venture a guess that the reason so many of us believe that last night may have been a turning point is because we HAD last year to look back on. We see some similarities (and I really think the teams are more similar than they at first appear) and we've seen it done. We know it can be done again. It does seem contradictory for Sox fans to look at something like last night as a positive rather than an "Oh, shit, we're fucked" sort of way, but last year changed some things. Maybe we're a little more positive now. And hey, nothing wrong with hoping.


true. i didn't mean to disparage anyone who takes that viewpoint, and i hope nobody has taken it that way. in fact, i feel kind of bad that i'm not on the same page yet. i certainly don't discount the possibility, as i said, but i really think it'll be more time before we know if last night was really significant. that's all i meant. :-)


I agree with your skepticism about yesterday's game being a turning point (I'm actually not even sure about 7/24/04, given they played lackluster baseball for another 3 weeks), but I think things aren't quite as bad this season as you say. Sox have the same record as they did after 101 games last year (56-45), and in 2004 the AL East was a much worse division than it is now (the Yanks are worse now, but the other three teams definitely aren't). I don't think the problems with the team one year ago were as obvious as you say -- if they had been, everyone would've been happy with the Nomar trade right away...which they definitely weren't.

Like the first 4 months of last season, the team hasn't been playing to potential. Hopefully they will soon. And hopefully another big trade will patch up the remaining holes.

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