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July 31, 2005



You should reverse the albums so the latest one is at the top. In my 'umble opinion. But otherwise, looks fab. Much better.


GREAT idea. i will do that. thanks so much! :-)


Design-wise, I like this new format. It was actually so unobtrusive that I didn't notice it'd been changed until you mentioned it. It's the old design, only better. Definitely not too cluttered. You've got a decent amount of whitespace where it's needed and you've kept most of your visual elements off to one side, which keeps it organized. All in all, I dig what you're doing here.

As for the dearth of comments, I wouldn't take it personally. Comments seem to come in spurts in my experience. And I certainly don't think that the Typepad interface is any more complicated or off-putting than the Haloscan interface. In fact, I think this interface is much better. Wasn't Haloscan done in a pop-up box or something? I hate pop-ups.

Anyway, I hope some of that was helpful.


One of the cool things about typepad is you can save different design sets and it's pretty easy to switch between them. I tried a lot of different ones when I first moved over. I'd suggest starting with a copy of your main design to work from. That way you can move things around and re-order stuff and if you decide you don't like the changes you don't screw up your main design.

As far as the comments, do you have any restrictions set for comments? That is the only reason I can think of that would stop folks from leaving comments.

Hope this is helpful!


I don't think I ever left comments on the pre-typepad version, so I am not responsible for any drop in the number of comments.

Format: The very left-hand side now gets cut off sometimes, depending on the browser I'm using. (For instance, I just see "g the Long Ball" instead of "Chicks Dig the Long Ball.") I don't think that happened before. But otherwise, I like.


I like the layout, the pictures on the right bar make it interesting.

And I think the lack of comments may have more to do with the mid-summer doldrums than with your site. I predict that comments (and postings at my place) will go up as we get closer to fall.

Lee Harris

Your site is great - those game albums are absolutely wonderful and quite unique in the Sox blogosphere!


I like seeing the pics on the side. the pics get a little cut off on my screen (due to layout) but it reminds me that there is more to see on this site!

Dave Crossman

I think the new format is good. No suggestions there.

I wouldn't take the lack of comments personally. Maybe most folks, like me, don't comment because they have nothing useful to add...


mrbandw is correct, I think. I tried a few times to comment and it wouldn't let me. It said something like "due to some problems with hostile commentators" there is a wait period between comments. Thus, I usually wait at least a few days before even thinking of posting. Hope this helps. Am I correct?


Like most everyone else said, don't take the lack of comments personally. People kinda go with the flow, and sometimes the flow's more like an ebb, if I can stretch a metaphor. Plus, it's summer, and if baseball's a curve, late July/early August is the bottom of the arc.

I like the new design - I'm a big fan of tweaks rather than wholesale changes, and the photo albums make me wish I still lived in New England.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Hey, don't blame me for a lack of comments, I always try to have something to say over here. Even if it's just 'ha ha you like Keith Foulke let us all point and laugh merrily!'

The new format looks fine in Safari.


I like the lay out I tend to like busy sidebars.....but thats just me I am thinking of moving to typepad myself but dont have the $$ right now to do so.........Typepad just appeares to be more user friendly than blogger along the added features

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