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August 29, 2005



Holy shit. I forgot about the Chewbacca discussion. Good goddamn, my stomach is in agony with teh laughter.


Sounds like a lovely time. I expect an invitation to the next one. ;-)


holy shit...mike and i both noticed that red merc. sports car on the way to Unos and wondered if it was ortiz's...hell, the thing says "Big Papi" on the front liscense plate. I guess we were right. Nice carr - well done, Ortiz!
Yesterday was an awesome time - I haven't laughed that much since I got into town!! When are we gonna do it again??


thank god you didn't get a goofy photo of me...


Ditto what Dan said: can I can get an invitation to the next one? ;-)

Oh, and I'd just like to remind people that Red & Denton still owe a bunch of us dinner from the playoffs. Or did I miss that one?


My boyfriend, myself and a couple of friends were at Crossroads on Sat night post game ...please tell me Nick was not still manning the door wondering about whether it was a star in the sky and if it was flashing red or green on Sunday. ahhh drugs

Boston Fan in Michigan

Ah, see, Crossroads! I'll bet it's a BAR. I'll bet you have to be OVER 21. I'll bet I couldn't have come ANYWAYS.

Besides, you all would have just made fun of me for the Tigers anyways.


Dude, for real. Put your top back on.


They were the height of mannors and chipped in a rather sizeable sum for lunch at Crossroads. I think they might be off the hook for the dinner thing.

And David Ortiz also has a bright green monster SUV type car (I think it's a hummer but I forget now) that has a liscense plate that says "GRNMNSTR" on it. Dude knows how to pimp it out correctly.

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