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August 10, 2005



I want to have the Trot Nixon routine forever and forever. I want it playing in the screen above my bed with Dave Roberts stealing second and the Grimace.


Of course Gabe isn't on 'roids, Beth - they ain't koshah!

Boston Fan in Michigan

Which I obviously agree that Gabe isn't juicing (never changed body shape appreciably, has a well publicized and longstanding weight lifting hobby, etc.), I don't think you can really use his lack of reaction here as a sign that he doesn't juice. I mean, heck, by that token, probably we should be assuming that Trot IS on steroids... the weight fluctuations, the bulgy head, the injuries, the complete whack-out today... :P

I kid, I kid. But you know what I mean.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Oh for fuck's sake.

WHILE I obviously agree.

I cn tipe honist.

Also, that photo rocks my socks off.


To me, it seems like Millar is just trying to do whatever he can to turn his own play up a notch. Whether it's sliding into first - which, frankly, I don't think was a terrible idea just then because of the possibility that a sweep tag would have caught him as he passed by - or just charging hard. I just think he genuinely, really, actually, truly, sincerely wants to play hard and have fun. Sometimes it seems he's a bit too much with the having fun but he's not the second coming of Ted Williams. We know that. He knows that. He's never claimed to be. I like him being around because he does appear to have all those, say it with me now "intangibles" that keep the team loose. I don't want him playing first during the late innings of a close game, mind you, but I'm not sure how much he's actually hurting the team. I mean, we are in first.


You are right watching that performance from our bullpen was very unpleasant. I sat there thinking, "I cant believe this is happening 2 nights in a row!".


Gabe isnt on the Juice I remember those early K-Swiss commercials about his work out regiment. On a side note your site totally rocks I don't make it here as often as I would like you are a definate read.Keep up the good work here.


...I like Kevin Millar ._.

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