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August 08, 2005



//Keith Foulke's inner monologue is starting to sound like The Rock.//

I am glad you noticed this.

Keith Foulke drinks Pepsi and eats sushi!

But this is a very viable take on it. It took some fucking guts to keep going out there without being sure he had it earlier in the season. HOpefully he can apply them better.

Boston Fan in Michigan

//He doesn't give a shit what comes flying out of his mouth, apparently, and last I checked, this was something we loved about Manny.//

Right. And last I checked, Manny wasn't hurting the team... :P


Asking baseball players to comment on what makes a great baseball player is like asking...well, I can't come up with a good analogy. But keep in mind that Mr. Damon is the dummy that asked other baseball players their opinion on whether or not the parts of his book that are about him cheating on his wife sounded okay.


Excellent post. Though I still think Foulke's way too pretty to induce fear in opposing batters. Look at Rivera. Or Rod Beck, for chrissakes. Tell me batters didn't see him coming out of the bullpen and get "Deliverance"-like chills up their spines...


//Right. And last I checked, Manny wasn't hurting the team... :P//

erm...where were you july 30?

//But keep in mind that Mr. Damon is the dummy//

so because he is a dummy, nothing he ever says can be something i agree with?

//I still think Foulke's way too pretty to induce fear in opposing batters.//

perhaps this is why he overcompensates by being a total asshole.

mahhk my words, people. in a month, he'll be back, he'll be going great guns and i'll be the only one who doesn't have to eat crow. :-)


keith foulke - me no likey.
but it was a good post. i actually read it, whereas if it would have been about schilling i would have skipped it.




You know, Beth, your personal insistence and dedication to a cause is why Keith Foulke loves you back, I would venture.

But I think you're right about the closer's mentality. And it's a new light I see him in now. Not just after this post, but lately. It's a little shocking at first, but hell, if it means he pitches his nuts off, I'm all for it.


If he comes back and is effective, I think everything from earlier in the season will be forgotten. I'm hoping he comes back and is back to his old self, otherwise were a little f-ed. Hopefully we've seen the last of 'The Keith Foulke Face'...


i was not aware there was a "keith foulke face". and believe me. if there's someone who has studied keith foulke's face and every quirky gesture, it's me.

//And it's a new light I see him in now.//

slowly, and methodically, i am going to convert you all. any of you who jump on the bandwagon now can join me at the "non-crow table".


mr. bandw, http://redsox.bostonherald.com/images/redSox/foulke08082005.jpg>i stand corrected on the "keith foulke face" issue.


And because I am now completely obsessing:

//It all falls on Foulke, who was unhittable for the Sox last October. If he remains as ineffective as he was before his surgery, the Sox will have no choice but to keep Schilling in the pen, unless Theo Epstein is able to come up with a closer elsewhere in a waiver deal, a daunting task given that the Yankees are in a position to block any waiver move the Sox would like to make.

Another starter? Look at the pitchers the Yankees have picked up in desperation -- Al Leiter, Hideo Nomo, Shawn Chacon, Tim Redding, Darrell May -- and you understand that may be asking the impossible of Epstein.

So it falls on Foulke, who also has struggled with personal issues this summer, and it begins tomorrow. (http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2005/08/07/if_foulke_passes_test_throw_him_into_the_mix/>Edes)//

Like it or not, folks, he's the belle of the ball. You don't have to have a raging crush like I do to pay attention and root for Keith Foulke to come through. We need him desperately.


I am the only one who has fallen in to a nice, warm, comfort zone with the whole Schilling-as-badass-closer issue? The guy is 8 for 9 in save attempts (correct me if I'm wrong here).

Not that I don't love Foulkey. He was incredible....in '04.

Nevertheless, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.

I'm sure the tendency to cringe and harbor suicidal thoughts when he takes the mound will eventually subside.


//I am the only one who has fallen in to a nice, warm, comfort zone with the whole Schilling-as-badass-closer issue? The guy is 8 for 9 in save attempts (correct me if I'm wrong here).//

i am and will remain eternally in awe of schilling for his performance in the closer's role this season, but he is not a long-term substitute. Nor, as Edes pointed out, is he doing as much for the team in the closer's role as he would be fronting the rotation.


Heh, there it is. No more 'Keith Foulke Face' please ;-)

I will be one of the folks rooting for Foulke. If he comes back and returns to his old form, the whole club benefits. Shilling returns as a starter and one of the starters, like it or not, goes to the pen for long relief. If Foulke comes back and it's still a heart attack in the 9th, then what? Timlin as closer? I like Timlin but as a closer, I'm a little iffy on that one...

To me, all the off field stuff with Foulke is a bunch of nonsense the papers use to sell ads. I don't pay attention to it. I focus on his performance on the field.

I'll just hope Foulke is back to normal!

Boston Fan in Michigan

Beth, he hurt the team by refusing to stop playing when he was injured. Closers mentality or no, that's not good. That kind of stuff hurts clubs and careers. Manny, for all his jawing, was not exactly hurting the team by staying in the lineup.


sam, we might just have to agree to disagree on this. am i saying what happened is a good thing? no. i'm saying all is not lost and there are other ways to look at foulke's comments. if you don't want to, that's fine with me -- but this is how i see it.


I would have to agree with sam that he should have called it quits earlier... but what was going on this spring anyway? Don't we have trainers or something to pick up on these severe medical uses that Mantei & Foulke were both trying to pitch through? These guys are proud; they have a don't-back-down mentality. The ball needs to be taken FROM them; they are not going to just hand it over on their own. So that part is partially Tito's fault... see comments in above post. Foulkie ought to have had surgery this winter, as was recommended to him, and his decision to do so is where he hurt the team.

But Beth is right, Keith is really our best hope here. We all need to rally around and support him, and hope to god that he is back... because Remlinger sure as hell ain't the answer!

The only reasonable plan B I can think of is this: with Miller (or Papelbon) back on the rotation, Schilling back on rotation, Bronson could make a good closer. A waste, I think, but he could be very good there.


oh geez. typos up there:
Medical issues, I meant. Also at the end of that first paragraph, "his decision NOT to do so"

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