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September 23, 2005



//Why does he mean so much to me? Why have I been his stalwart defender all season? //

Because at this point it looks he may have sacrificed his career for the WS win last year?

And in related news BDD sends Foulke on his way with a typically class(less) send off: 'Hit the Road Jerk.'


oh, fuck that. seriously. whatever.


Fans were hard on him, yes. But I don't know that it's fair to just say "we treated him like shit." He said a lot of things how it was just money to him, which may be true of a lot of people, but it was really disarming for me to hear someone who I associate with a magical, wonderful time say that his favorite part of baseball is the 15th and 30th of the month. And while I'll miss Keith Foulke and I have a tremendous respect for what he did and I don't think players should be booed, I can't quite feel really bad for him.


it might have been a defense mechanism for him to say that. he doesn't seem the type to say, "hey, stop picking on me!" he seems more the type to say, "fine, fuck you, too. it's just money to me anyway." there was a kind of vicious cycle of misunderstanding with him this season, imo.

i'm not saying i feel bad for him, per se. i'm saying i feel bad he's gone, and i still don't think he ever got the credit he should have, or the benefit of the doubt he should have.

but, you know, i've been on the side of, "oh well" about so many things pertaining to the sox or other players. i acknowledge above also that i have attached myself to him, in particular, and i'm taking this harder than most. you are in the majority, i'm sure, amy.


Two Words: CRAIG HANSEN. I also get attached to players, Beth, but have come to agree with Jerry Seinfeld, who said, "...we're really all just rooting for laundry."

Sox Fan in the Heart of the Beast

While I'm glad he shut it down for the year (he wasn't helping the team and may have been hurting his body), I found the whole Foulke 2005 thing pretty sad, too. The guy left it all out there last year, never buckled under an ungodly workload, and earned a whole lot more gratitude than he got.

Don't say goodbye too early, though. First of all, he's getting more surgery for sure, and there's no way any team takes on his contract with health questions. Second, I highly doubt the Sox will give up on him this quickly. They have a lot invested in him, and in the 6 years prior to this one, his ERA never reached 3. He's a hell of a pitcher who may or may not be able to regain his earlier greatness, but my guess is we'll see him try to mount the comeback in Boston. Let's hope he gets a clean bill of health and a clean slate for 2006.

Sox Fan in the Heart of the Beast

Then there's this from WEEI (transcript from the Globe):

“I want to pitch (for the Red Sox) for the next two years, then we’ll have a big retirement party, then we’ll come back and see you guys (WEEI’s Dale and Holley) at the reunion… I’m getting old, I’ve got a little boy to raise and as I just found out that six hour flight from Boston to Phoenix is a long time in the air.

“I’ve actually heard from a few separate people that the article (in the San Francisco Chronicle last week) had me almost saying that I didn’t like Boston. I love the city of Boston, what I don’t like… I’m a country boy. I grew up in the woods of East Texas. I’m not a city person. I don’t like walking out of my door and seeing hundreds of people everywhere. I need to be where I can have a back porch, I can go out, I can grill a steak. I got a garage where I can go out and mess with my bike, cars, whatever, I’m just not a city person you know, my wife and I at the time, we tried to move into the city, we thought it’d be convenient, you know what it backfired, not backfired, but it’s just not my style of living. Everybody’s got a comfort zone and mine is probably out in the suburbs in a little neighborhood and not in a high rise downtown.

“I love the city of Boston. I’ve never played in a place like Boston. There’s no other place like this in the country. I love it there. It’s a small city but it has everything you need, great people, great fans. And oddly enough, I’ve actually become a fan of Fenway, the ballpark, and I love living there, I love playing there and we still have big things to do in the future.”

Boston Fan in Michigan

No one stays? What the hell's Tim Wakefield?


the guy's had a tememdously shitty year, Beth. Like Tuesday for me, except AN ENTIRE YEAR LIKE THAT. He doesn't dislike Boston; it's just painful to deal with so many fans and media and questions when your life is a complete trainwreck and you don't have any answers. He'll be back.

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