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September 10, 2005



As Roger Kahn said, ballplayers are what they do.

Everything else is shite we pin on them.

That said - t'was a nice win eh? I'd have been pretty unhappy if he flailed out there today too. Like you, it would have been personal for me.

He's one of those rare athletes who says what he thinks - and sometimes I wish he wouldn't.

But I'll never forget 2004 - especially October. I waited, quite literally, a lifetime of Red Sox baseball for that.


What I like about this game and its outcome is that the rest of baseball wakes up this morning and says: "Oh sh*t - Schilling still has it".

It's a statement about Schilling - and he was lights-out yesterday - but it's also a statement about the Sox: don't write them or their pitching staff off just yet.


you know good and well that i hate curt schilling, but only for reasons which i'm not allowed to mention here. i personally can't believe that there are people out there who wouldn't be understanding about his struggles this year when you think of the monumental acts he did last year in the post-season.
curt's like johnny damon - whether i like him or not, i respect him because he gives the team 100% every time he's on the field, whether he ends up being successful or not. if people are bitching about schilling not coming back to 100% right away then they are freakin' idiots and bad fans.
schill did a frickin' amazing job yesterday. if people still want to be negative about him, they betta ax' sumbody.


Waitwaitwait. Am I reading this correctly? People are claiming that Curt faked sucking in his last two starts so he'd look extra awesome in this one? And also, did they forget that he only sucked for the first couple innings of that last start, then he settled down?

Fuckin' tinhats, man, they're everywhere.

You're right about this game; I have never been so riveted by a pitching performance before. Usually during baseball, my ADD kicks in wicked and one second I'm watching the pitcher and next the catcher and then the guys on base and then I'm laughing at the announcers and often I will blink and realize that even though I've been staring at the TV I have absolutely no idea what's happened in the past two minutes. But yesterday it was all Curt, and it just felt so good to watch him be Curt again, and I hope he also had a good time and decides to keep it up.


i don't think red was serious, and the way this post is written makes it seem like i'm taking him, in particular, to task. i'm not--i gave what he said yesterday as an example of the fact that, even jokingly, people just don't have the same love for curt they do for papi et al.

have i heard actual serious accounts that he was dogging it in the past few weeks? no, not like last year, when actual news columnists being paid for their work published stories in official major newspapers implying or outright stating that Curt had faked the bloody sock, but that's another matter.

it just seems like whenever there's a big performance like this or Curt's in the spotlight, people have to hate on him. to be honest, though, this post was touched off by convo w/ sarah on the SGMB when i pretty much suddenly thought to myself, i'm the only person who doesn't hate curt schilling for some reason. when you're the only person with a certain opinion--literally, the only person, find another person who genuinely likes curt schilling, on and off the field, and bring them to me--you start wondering if you're the idiot / asshole. this post was conceding that i may well be.


Beth, I realize we're on opposite sides here, but were we watching the same game? A 9-2 blowout was heart-attack baseball somehow? And forgive me, but nothing happened in the sixth inning. You're not talking about Friday night's sixth are you? I honestly don't understand.


yeah, to me it was heart attack baseball. from my perspective, it was an absolute must-win, especially in hindsight since a loss would have meant a yankees sweep. it was also a huge game for curt schilling, and if he couldn't come up big in a game like that, i'd have been inclined to believe he was cooked for at least the rest of the season--something with pretty big implications for our playoff hopes. so it wasn't heart attack baseball score-wise, but it was as far as the long view.

my mistake--it was the fourth inning. tim mccarver and whoever he was broadcasting with deliberately began to speak of curt's no-hitter, even mentioning they knew speaking of it was supposed to be a jinx, and in that very same at-bat, giambi hit a home run. it made me deeply angry.

so, yeah, prob. still not understandable / rational, but there you have it.


Beth, thanks for the explanation.

If it makes you feel any better, over in the Bronx Banter comments we were using the words "no-hitter" as often as possible and I take personal credit for jinxing the perfect game just before Lawton reached on that error.

Er, maybe I shouldn't mention that over here. Well, for what it's worth, when Johnson had a no-no through five against the M's and King Felix, our comments went silent. Then one guy mentioned it and the next batter hit a double.

This sort of thing undermines the sort of objective, fact-based analysis I favor, but what can you do.


in your comments section, that's great. personally i shouted the words "perfect game" nearly constantly during game 1 of the ALCS.

but when a national broadcaster who is at least supposed to be impartial does such a thing so openly...well, it burns my biscuits.

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