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September 22, 2005



//I will say this, however: I am more than prepared to give up on many of my fellow Red Sox fans if I hear a single boo in the upcoming home games to finish out the season. I don't care if they lose every game by ten runs. Booing is absolutely unacceptable, even if the frustration is understandable. I don't care if you rant and rave and hate them in your hearts. But do it quietly--don't you dare forsake them in their own house. //

Amen. We've seen plenty of ugliness from Sox fans this year - acting like spoiled children.


I just do not understand this booing. We love our Red Sox, we want them to do well. When they are sucking it up, we should be screaming and cheering even louder. We should try to encourage them, not to discourage them.

The booing is counterproductive. Stop with this nonsense, people.


...but if I boo louder, they'll win more!

I hits you because I loves you, baby.


LOL, andy, i know exactly how you said that, too.


I guess that's why they call it "tough love"

Sox Fan in the Heart of the Beast

Great post as usual. At this point a few things have to break our way, but the postseason is within reach. And if they fall short it won't be for lack of effort.

Despite the occasional nonchalance of a certain LF, this team plays hard every night and has overcome some pretty steep odds to even be where they are today. They lose Pedro, get virtually nothing from Schilling and Foulke, have the worst bullpen ERA in the league, and are right in the hunt with 10 to play -- staying in contention in the face of those obstacles doesn't happen by chance.

So Beth, your perspective is dead-on -- the team deserves its fans' support down the stretch. I'll be angry and disappointed if they fall short, and I might even throw something at the TV (or computer as the case may be), but I sure as hell won't boo my guys.

Boston Fan in Michigan

So what you're saying is, the Red Sox are the battered woman who's in a dangerous situation with a real piece of work for a boyfriend, and she needs to get out, but it's so dangerous to leave, and she still thinks she loves him anyways, so we, the fans, just take her out to coffee and listen to her cry and tell her that whenever she's ready to leave we're totally there day or night to take her to the shelter if she needs protection, and she can stay with us if she wants, just whenever she's ready, we'll support her?

Cause dude that's exactly what the whole bit with battered women is, thank you horrible outreach class.

And I guess the abusive boyfriend is the Yankees because the Sox just CAN'T GET RID OF THEM and, sometimes, really don't seem to want to. Ugh. GET OUT NOW, SOX, HE'S SO NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

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