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September 01, 2005



I hope they added "and Sarah" to the announcement in the ballpark ;-)


i was too busy staggering around like a wide-eyed three year old to notice whether they personally welcomed me or not, but i'd like to think they did and i just missed it ;)


I had a sudden conviction to say how it felt to be there, to see it all go down….in hopes that you all feel this way too from time to time…in hopes that I don’t just take it all a bit too seriously.

As I sat at last night’s game,it occurred to me that there would probably never be another night in my life quite like this one. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. For those nine innings, my world was all green grass and black sky. I thought “what if I never get to come here again?” I scrutinized the player’s movements, the stuff we don’t get a chance to see on TV.

I tried to memorize the way our defense moved in that millisecond before the pitch was thrown, poised to leap in whichever direction the ball would take them.

I tried to memorize the way Mirabelli took off stealing second; slowly and powerfully, like a freight train trying to pick up speed.

I watched the way Kaplar, even in warm-up tosses, uses his entire body to throw the ball. It just *explodes* out of his hand and lands with a crisp *SMACK* in the back-up catcher’s glove. After Kaplar turns away, the catcher takes his hand out of the glove and grudgingly shakes it off.

I tried to memorize Bill Mueller waiting on deck, slowly and deliberately swinging his bat from side to side, with a large pink bubble ready to burst at his mouth.

I tried to memorize Mike Timlin’s confident swagger towards the mound, while “whooooaaaa black betty, bam-a-lam….” booms across the field; The way he reminded me of a battle-weary, but ready, soldier.

Suddenly, I was seeing it the way Beth did; it was all a one carefully choreographed, magnificent dance.


now you're getting it! thanks for the description!

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