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September 11, 2005



Beth, I know you hate when I do this --- but...Steroids weren't banned when Giambi used them....there, now go apeshit on me.
but I leave you with this...don't you love the irony of the turnaround of these two teams' places. The Wankees are the pursuers now. So they took 2 of 3..big shit...they needed a sweep. Last year at this time, when we were chasing them for the division, we kept doing the same thing...winning two of 3 to only pick up ONE game and ultimately not win the division (not that that meant anything ultimately)...everything's changed now...so chill...let the pinstripers drink their choka cola and panic....not us.


Sammy, you bring up a good point re Giambi--and no, i'm not going to go apeshit on you. but as I described above, there are things that make him v. suspicious right now, and his history of use only reinforces that. I think he should at least be tested / investigated right now--it seems pretty stupid to look at what's happening and just sort of let it go. and frankly, to me, it's not about legal loopholes or technical definitions. the guy has taken steroids--nobody disputes that. to me, that means he shouldn't be playing anymore, period.

you're also right about everything else you said, and taking a couple days "off" as i mentioned is my attempt to "chill".

Boston Fan in Michigan

Well, I understand why Millar was in right. I mean, you can't really start Trot against the Wizened Unit.

And there IS a positive to today-- the way Wake pitched. I mean, the simple fact that he pitched so dominatingly is vile when you take into account the lack of support he got, and maybe I'm a little more jaded to that sort of thing from following the Tigers all year, but you do have to see it for what it is. And what it is is a great pitching performance at a time when much of the rotation's worth is being called into question with the playoffs in sight.


"Today's loss is brought to you by the letters H, G, and H" (btw, HGH doesn't show up in urine tests but in blood tests...major loophole in testing and I'm sure Giambi's taken advantage of it)

Seriously though, I wholeheartedly agree with you on teh Giambi thing. I mean I'd be able to take it if you know Jeter, Posada, hell even A-Rod hit it out. But Giambi hitting it out just makes it worse because there's no business he has in playing.

As for the lineup, while it is bizarre and looks reminiscent of something Jimy Williams would slap together last second, there's some reasoning at least. Trot sucks against lefties...Olerud has crappy numbers against RJ and is a lefty to boot....Papi has a rough back and you know what? I can take him not playing today if it means we have him for the rest of the season in good shape.

Granted, I do think they should've played Olerud, I can see why though he didn't. That's all.

It's just a shame it had to be lost on a goddamn HR from a roid user.


Beth, I'm not going to try to defend Giambi, who I believe is clean, but whose past steroid use I agree is indefensible. But you've got some factual errors going on in your rant about him:

"we're expected to actually believe has just spontaneously started to gain weight . . ."

As someone who blogs about the Yankees daily, I've not heard anything about Giambi gaining any weight this season.

". . . recover his home run stroke and power, and find his way back to a starting spot just weeks after being sent down to AAA while the team (coincidentally, of course) has begun to worry about its playoff hopes"

First, Giambi was never sent down to AAA. The Yankees wanted him to go down in early May, but he refused, and he continued to struggle for a solid month after that, but he also hit 14 homers in July and, with the exception of the sorts of slumps any hitter is susceptable to (such as Manny, who, incidentally, did crush a two-run dinger on Saturday), he's hit ever since, not just in time for the home stretch/playoff race.

Also, the Sox don't leave the Bronx in the same position they went in, exactly, they lost a game to the Yankees in the standings, but then they also took three head-to-head match-ups off the schedule. Sammy's point about the Yanks needing a sweep is a salient one. Those three games taken off the schedule are more valuable than the one Boston lost in the standings.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Oh, and you know what, I hope you enjoyed the TACO DIP. God, how can you not count that as an overwhelming positive on the day? Some of us are stuck some 800-odd miles from TACO DIP, you ungrateful wench.


cliff, appreciate the info. i have edited the paragraph--but it still adds just that much more of a sting that HE was the one who hit a HR for the only run yesterday.

and sam, did you WATCH the game? taco dip heals many wounds, but not all.


I'm really glad that I had to miss this game because of work.

Now I can just pretend like none of this ever actually happened.


To All:
This has nothing to do with the pennant race, Sox/Yanks hatred or 'roids per se, but I'm getting tired of Dennis Leary appearing everywhere saying he doesn't care what happens to the Sox anymore b/c last year's championship was IT for him. I love Leary as a comedian, actor (his show on FX is so great)and shameless smoker -- however, what his take on the championship says is exactly what we discussed last year, to wit: the mystique, Boston lore, etc will be lost if we ever win it all. Does this bother anyone else but me???


Cliff said Giambi "hit 14 homers in July and, with the exception of the sorts of slumps any hitter is susceptable to (such as Manny, who, incidentally, did crush a two-run dinger on Saturday), he's hit ever since, not just in time for the home stretch/playoff race."

From August 2nd to 27th, Giambi hit .187. I wouldn't call that "hitting ever since," and that's a pretty long slump, too.


Jere, yeah, that's a pretty wicked slump, but it goes to show that Giambi's been capable of good and bad since he found his stroke, which undermines suspicions of him being back on the juice.

Also, I have a theory, that's become a popular one over at Bronx Banter, that Giambi is a different hitter when he plays the field. The stats, both this year and on his career support it, and, after playing 1B for most of July (in part because of interleague play and Matsui having to DH due to a bad ankle), Torre put him back at DH in August. He's since gone back to playing 1B full time, and he's again found his stroke.

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