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September 21, 2005



//Brian Roberts kneeled on the Yankee Stadium infield, writhing in pain, his face revealing a combination of shock and helplessness. Roberts' rise to stardom mirrored that of his team, and his agony actually reflected his team's decline in the past few months.//

*Marianne has thrown herself off the Mass Ave bridge*


given that the law of averages dictates that these guys all going off on one night means they'll probably all collectively slump again at a later date

I'm sat here trying to work out if this is true or not, but I was up late and can't get my head around it.


Almost a year later, a Yankee did to the opposition what A-Fraud tried to do to Bronson. Seriously, that was sickening to see but at least Crosby didn't intentionally try to hurt him and I see that those two (Bubba and Roberts) have been pals since being teammates on the 1997 USA team.


//I'm sat here trying to work out if this is true or not, but I was up late and can't get my head around it.//

at absolute best, a major league hitter hits the ball 4 out of every 10 times.

ideally, a team of major league hitters should pick a different four times from each other to hit that ball, meaning someone's always scoring.

when runs are all bunched together, it increases the likelihood that another game's runs will drop toward zero, because they're only going to hit the ball at best 4 out of 10 times overall--the only difference is the timing.

that's what i was getting at.

plus it's further proof of why offense can't carry a team. it's inconsistent.


//plus it's further proof of why offense can't carry a team\\
My thoughts - while not complaining over a win at this point - is that those runs are "wasted" coming in a well pitched Schilling game. "Wasted" could be a strong word, but anybody could've gotten the W last night. I'd rather see that kind of outburst for a different pitcher. Again, no complaints.

tom yf

beth you are perpetuating the gambler's fallacy on an unsuspecting public.


tom, are you "bad tom" from before on this blog? or an entirely different yf tom?

tom yf

the one and only. but i changed my thingy so i could declare my allegiance on yf v. sf. i'm not famous enough on the web to sign my first name only.


so you're not THE yf now? i think i thought you were, but something about that last comment made me think, "oh, bad tom!" who is THE yf of YFSF fame, do you know? for that matter, who is sf?

tom yf

don't know either of them, but i think they both live in ny. they should have bios up on that site.


you'd think, but that'd be a negative. unless i'm just not seeing something...


There's still something about the theories that's bugging me, but I can't put my finger on it.

However, I can see the thing about the inconsistency of offense. Which means I'll be hoping for Wake to do his Tropicana Field thing tonight.

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