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September 07, 2005



I died watching Remy and Orsillo do a little dance, while Don grunted "Jump Around" with little enthusiasm over and over.



Great game.

Though I was strenuously distracted by Bill Mueller's fumanchu.

*fans self*


I've never posted before but I like your blog. And that little scene with Remy and DO almost made my friend choke on her popcorn. But where was little Wally? He wasn't in his chair.


RH, i didn't notice wally was missing. maybe he went ahead on the road trip.

deedee, i died, too. i pity anyone who missed that gem.

ah HA, deborah. see kristen? i have another one on my side!


I am hoping...hoping...hoping...the Billy goatee is returning, in all it's playoff glory. My downstairs neighbors wait in anticipation for me to fall off my couch from teh hott.


Beth, I'd venture to say that it was the greatest moment in Sports Broadcasting history.

And the Emmy goes to...


La La La! I can't hear you! I refuse to believe it's anything other than a goatee until forced to note otherwise.

If it is indeed a fu manchu, I'll probably cry uncontrollably.


I will confirm: there was none of that jumpin' around and such on ESPN. I accept your pity, as I clearly deserve it in this case.


The 'Jump Around' thing was Remy & Orsillo at their very best. I got yelled at for waking up the missus with my laughter :-(


Does anyone know what picture Remy was so scandalized about? I was amused by who was and wasn't in "the cricle of trust" but I would love to know what started it all...

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