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October 12, 2005



While watching tonight's game and hanging in my favorite Sox chat room with a half dozen buddies, I posted haphazardly and kept one lazy eye on the Pale Hose and Angels. Suddenly, Scooter comes on to "explain" the changeup. Immediately and simultaneously, six people erupt in a flurry of posting:

"Ugh, Scooter"
" I fucking HATE Scooter"
"What did I do to deserve this stupidity foisted upon me????"

ad infinitum.

"There is a remedy for all things but Fox, which will be sure to lay us flat one time or another"

(with apologies to Cervantes)


I can put up with having my intelligence insulted now and again, but it's the "useless prattling" that really pisses me off. The problem is that broadcast baseball in the same way that, say, MTV broadcasts music - keep it coming all the time, don't let up for a second or someone might switch channels. Baseball is not built for that type of broadcasting - inactivity and silence are part of the game, but FOX (and ESPN to a lesser extent) feel the burning need to fill all the silences with words, whether they are relevant and interesting or not. And then, unfortunately, the focus of the broadcast is the broadcaster, and not the game. The first thing all of their boradcasters need to learn to do is, as you say, to shut the hell up.

Man, I miss NESN :-(


Wait, Beth, you mean to tell me that you would rather hear about Chone Figgins' success with the bases loaded than be told that his favorite movie is Rocky V? But that's valuable information! Goddamit, Fox, your viewing audience is not functionally retarded.

And the only good thing Scooter ever did was explain a brushback pitch after Pedro knocked Matsui on his ass. And it was only excellent because someone, knowing Pedro, took the time to animate a baseball with a black eye and a bandage. And it should have stopped there. He should have gone out on top.


Awww... PAPI! Somebody steal me one of those. Kisses upon my return to the city.


You gotta love the grassroot movements : http://shutuptimmccarver.com/


Tim McCarver is perhaps the most intelligent baseball commentator in the business today. I'm certainly not what you refer to as an "average American" when it comes to watching baseball... I know the game of baseball better than almost anyone I've met. That is why I prefer listening to Tim McCarver over almost any other commentator (certainly not over Ralph Kiner). As a former catcher, McCarver clearly knows the game better than most overpaid sports commentators who are becoming better and better at reading off a prompter. If you're a fan who really wants to learn more about the game, and how it should be played, then McCarver proves to be a great example of understanding so many of the intricacies behind each play. Having Tim McCarver, who will give reasons for having infielders shaded differently than they are before the pitch is delivered, rather than pretend to have known that they should've been playing differently after a hit sqeaks by, makes the game so enjoyable for me to listen to. If his vacuos gazing bothers you so much, maybe you should focus more on his intelligent comments, because Tim McCarver is definitely one of the most baseball-knowledgable people there is.


you're certainly entitled to your opinion, brendan (or to whatever funding has been sent your way by tim mccarver, whichever), but you also need to face the fact that 99.9999999999999% of the world, which often includes his broadcast partner joe buck, doesn't share it.

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