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October 09, 2005



A truly amazing game of baseball.


That was Lance Berkman who got that grand slam. =D

I adopted the Astros as my NL team when they snagged Pettitte and Clemens out from under the Yankees, and I've become quite attached to them, so yesterday was every bit as grueling as it would have been were it the Red Sox. I'm still dizzy and tired. And I watched the entire game, and it was freaking Game Five all over again, except worse, because I wasn't on the phone with my best friend to relieve the stress.

And I don't know any of these "normal people" of whom you speak. Is it possible to be a "normal" baseball fan? I mean, unless you just like baseball in general and have no team affiliation, but that's just craziness. I don't think anyone is normal about their team. Other teams, sure, but not the one(s) they root for. How can you be? I just don't see it. If you're really a fan of a team, then what that team does affects you. And sometimes it turns you into a crazy person wearing a rally cap for ten innings.

Oh, but, wait, are you talking about people who just watch baseball casually? Huh. What must that be like?

Sorry for any general incoherence. I'm still pretty loopy.


i think we're coming at this totally differently, cathryn, because for me that game was interesting and i'm glad it turned out the way it did, but it didn't even come remotely minutely CLOSE to game 5 for me. not even for a second.


It's not a perfect comparison, since had the 'Stros lost, they still would have had another chance, but right now I am as deeply invested in them as I was in the Sox this time last year, so for me it's an apt one. For you, of course, not so much. And honestly, Game Five wore me down to the point where I just relaxed, and I think part of that was listening to my friend spaz out enough for the both of us; yesterday, I was alone in my tension, and had to do all the spazzing myself.

One thing that was precisely the same, though - I eventually came to the conclusion that the game would never end. I would turn it off, go to bed, get up, make coffee, and turn it back on. Shower, go to work, come home, put on the game. And so on, ad infinitum, because it was *never going to end ever oh my god*. There is probably a universe somwhere where both games are in fact still being played.

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