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October 13, 2005


tom yf

The Yanks were a significantly flawed and overpaid team, but I think Bayless is way off the mark with his reasoning. Randy Johnson didn't pitch poorly because he's a Yankee, he's been pitching like crap in the playoffs for years, losing to basically everyone except the Yankees--a tragicomic fact that everyone knew about before the Yanks traded for him. Also, the guy's at a point where it's more convenient to carbon date him than to figure out his age. As for A-Rod, he had an awful series, but he also virtually won last year's ALDS against the Twins by himself. To my mind, it's just a case of people wanting to append to this unlikable jillionaire a tragic flaw.

How's this Skip: no center fielder, no middle relief, outfield range, no infield range (except Cano, and shockingly, Derek Jeter, one of the best defensive SS in the league this year!). Shaky starting pitching, no bench... So, Skippy, the Yanks' downfuall probably didn't have much to do with the Babe's ghost tickling A-Rod and RJ in the shower.

As for yfs' dysfunctional coping mechanisms, I am constantly awash in my own team's flaws (and I was the exact same way in the late '90s), which is probably the other unhealthy extreme. Sometime's I hate 'em almost as much as I love 'em. Almost.


//the guy's at a point where it's more convenient to carbon date him than to figure out his age.//

i've been meaning to ask you this, tom...why don't you have your own blog? you certainly have a way with words.

tom yf

Hey thanks, means a lot coming from an established blog celebrity! I've toyed with the idea, but I'm a grad student and my schedule is so erratic that I don't think I'd have the time to make it as good as I would want it to be...it takes much less time to drop in and comment on other people's hard work!

One day I'll get one going though, maybe this spring. :-)


would be great to see. we could do some nice rivalry-related joint projects and such. i am brimming with ideas!

well, anyway. not trying to pressure you.


I haven't read the link yet, but as a fan in general I find it hard to believe that anybody in NY can be freaking out after they actually "made the playoffs" - even technically won their 8th straight AL East title! As much as we bash them, it's clear that when virtually their entire starting rotation goes down early and they fill it in with putty, spit and a couple of guys nobody ever heard of and over come a horrid first 2 months at least -- add the (eye roll here)"comeback" of Jason Juice-ambi....is there not one year when their fans, media and (gasp) their owner actually believe that they way overachieved this season? If your crapiest year and "downfall" includes a division title, just gimme an F'n break already. Actually -- I even feel that way about the Sox season...repeating is basically a thing that took place in the 40s and 50s and I got to sit down in front of the boob tube and watch some post-season action (albeit disappointing) -- I'll take postseason action anytime.


The opinion I have of most Yankee fans right now is kind of how I feel about those people who blindly wave flags and mindlessly sing God Bless America. Blind patriotism is no patriotism at all. Blind faith in one's team when there are clear flaws helps no one. And a refusal to see flaws is kind of what got you into this in the first place. In face, I read somewhere (I really wish I could remember where since it would lend validity) that a Yankee fan was worried that since the Yankees made the playoffs, there was a fear that the front office would somehow think that their year was acceptable and the moves they made (i.e. Johnson, A-Rod, Wright, Pavano, etc), were good. They will not hear criticism. Even when it's not profanity-laced. And that is the most frustrating part, to me.


Kristen, I have close cousins in NY so I'm somewhat in the loop. There is no way Yankee management (read: Steingrabber & Tampa mafia)ever think the year is acceptable just by making the playoffs. My cousin is a reasonable Yankee fan and knows they are flawed and actually couldn't believe the surge they pulled off to get to October. I guess he's not jaded, but most of those people are wayyyy too jaded. The Yankee fan you refer to has nothing to worry about on that front.

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