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November 01, 2005



As a 35-yr-old Sox fan, I can respond to your question about 1986. I was 16, growing up in a very small town in Maine. Let's rewind to a cold morning in April as I was boarding the schoolbus. Just as I stepped on to the bus, I heard the end of a "what's coming up for news" before the commercial. I heard the words "Clemens" and "twenty." Not having watched the game the night before, I did not know for certain what the whole story was, but had an inkling that the 20 may have been K's!

OK. Fast forward to the Columbus Day weekend in 1986. I had been lucky enough to spend the weekend with my father (parents divorced long ago!) and my uncle was over so the 3 of us could watch the Sox lose (or so it seemed was about to happen) to the Angels in the ALCS. I remember the sinking feeling watching Dave Henderson give the Angels a HR when he tried to catch a ball at the wall, only to knock it over the wall! Of course, he made up for it later by stroking a HR to send the Sox on to another game against the Angels.

Fast forward again to a cold Saturday night in October around midnight and you would have found me riding my bicycle down the deserted main street of said-small-Maine-town bawling my eyes out! I was not nearly as introspective as I am now in my grown up form (reached that around 30!), but I really don't remember waiting too long to jump back on the bandwagon. Of course, back in those stone ages, it was much more difficult to follow the hot-stove season what without the Internet (I still like it capitalized!).

The point of all this is:

Notwithstanding the connectedness that the Internet has brought us over the past 10 years, I would say the time frame for climbing back on to the bandwagon is relatively short. I, like you, have spent the day with a great big knot in my stomach. It'll go away. It did in 2003. Can this be as bad as that? I can't imgaine! It MAY turn out to be worse, but I think we need to give the team a few days to figure out what's next . . .


If you decide to boycott anything, it should be the Boston Globe, not the Boston Red Sox. You can get your news from other sources, but you can only get Red Sox baseball from the Red Sox.


I remember losing Pudge, and you know what? We (or I) blamed him for leaving us. Blaming the team for their STUPID mistake was not the prevalent feeling. You have to remember, I was not able to read the Boston rags and other sources of info because there was no net. Your hometown newspaper and radio stations and the Sox radio and TV teams were the main sources of scuttlebutt. GREAT POST.


A website has been started to create this movement. www.lucchino-sucks.com has been created and provides links for people to email the Sox and tell them how upset we are. It also calls for a boycot of the Globe. The site is still developing and soliciting suggestions.


Beth, I empathize with your discomfort over this entire mess, but I have to say as much as I respect Theo Epstein, as a Yankee fan, I'm still mighty scared of the Red Sox. It is not to say that something wasn't lost for you guys here, but I don't know how much they'll suffer on the field.

Who knows? Maybe by the end of the year, let alone spring training, there will be plenty of reasons for you to be excited. 2006 is going to be a different and new year for the Sox, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be a bad year.

Keep your head up.


whoa. mind has officially been blown. drastic layout change....good layout change. Very nice picture of Gillette.


In ref. to Peter's comment: I think the reason this hurts so much is that this is the sort of bullsh*t that would happen during the Yawkey years. This is Dan Duquette league stuff. Losing Pudge? The team screwed up, but there was a sense of "what else is new?"

The Theo situation... it's mind-blowing.

And not all the Globe columnists were trashing Theo. I could be wrong about this, but Bob Ryan seemed to lay the blame elsewhere.



I came across your blog while I was looking aimlessly for something else.
I would just like to comment on your incredibly aesthetic writing sense, of which I am completely jealous of being a once potential writer myself.
I wish you all the luck in your future endeavors litarary or otherwise.

A stranger (in all ways)

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