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November 03, 2005



I guess I have trouble seeing the "hard, cold reality [...] that they are a private, for-profit enterprise over which [we] have no power" as fresh news. Haven't we known this for ever? I'm as naïve a baseball fan as you will find, but even I know that it is not the pastoral pastime that we would like it to be, at least, not outside the foul lines.

Any time that we attach our emotions to something that manages to put the words "annual salary" and "$10m" in the same sentence, we know we're headed for trouble at some point. But I, like you, am prepared to accept that. It is going to suck, from time to time, and we will sometimes feel - as I said the other day - that we have "been dumped, by proxy and for reasons we neither understand nor have control over", but what are we going to do?

I see the point about putting your money where your mouth is and just not buying the tickets anymore (God - I wish I had the luxury of saying "OK - no more Red Sox tix for me..."), but I don't see how it fits into the bigger picture. What does it mean? Does it mean you're no longer a fan of the Sox? Does it mean that you'll follow them from afar, a kind of disinterested and disenfranchised observer (which in turn, to me, also evokes questions of rooting for the laundry: do we root regardless of who's wearing the shirt (and, by extension, of who's running the show)? Does it mean no baseball at all, or maybe only the 'uncorrupted' minor-leagues / Little League? Where do you draw the final line?

And one other point - if you're going to worry about the cold, hard facts regarding this for-profit enterprise now (i.e. when things have gone pear-shaped), don't you, by the same token, have to apply the same thinking to, say, the 2004 season? It was the same for-profit enterprise, run by the same people, so were we ignoring all that because they brought home a championship? Or do their current actions in some way invalidate 2004? If we're feeling used and abused now, does that not mean we were foolish for feeling elated last October?

Lots of questions and very few answers. I guess what I'm trying to articulate is that I'm not ready to give up on the Sox or on baseball, but that it is a little hard to define the terms of the relationship I have right now with the ballclub

David Welch

Out of the 10 or so Sox blogs I have bookmarked, and Wilbur's isn't one of them although I still read it, yours always helps me keep my Sox Sanity, Beth.

As far where we're going from here as fans, I am wondering if there is a way to maintain our level of enthusiasm while still making the statement of protest against the team's ownership. I mean, if you watch the games on TV, you are supporting the team. Listen to the on WEEI, same thing. Read the Globe in paper on online, same thing. Perhaps it's about the LEVEL with which we support the team . . .

I don't have any solid suggestions, just floating my ideas out there to help others!

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