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December 19, 2005



Right now it is a confusing time for the Red Sox and the make-up of what will be the '06 team. There is much to be done but much has BEEN done. It's sorta like the band is taking a break halfway through a tremendous concert. Thumbs up so far........


hey, beth, i read your blog, but as a yank fan I feel uncomfortable posting (enemy territory and all). anyway, you do an excellent job, but i'm puzzled that you're so discouraged by the sox's off-season. So puzzled that I feel compelled to let you know that as a yanks fan I'm very discouraged about what the post-Theo regime is doing. The Beckett move is excellent. He's 25 for god sakes! The Loretta trade is a steal. Renteria for Marte is a heist. Which of these moves bothers you? DO you think Theo would done otherwise. WOuld he have held onto Mueller?


nick, first of all, thanks for reading and commenting. i know i may not always provide the friendliest environment for yankees fans, but i at least like to think we can have an intelligent discussion here from time to time.

at this point, things are shaking out, you're right. i don't know about a "steal" and a "heist", but at this point we no longer have "14 third basemen and Mike Lowell".

in a way it kind of reminds me of watching bob ross when i was a kid. bob ross would glop some paint on the canvas and my grandmother (i always watched bob ross with my grandmother) would start exclaiming about how bob ross was screwing up, how it looked like a mess, like some stupid abstract modern art, but by the end bob ross would do a little flick of the wrist here and add some burnt umber there and lo and behold, he'd have painted a forest landscape or a barn or a lighthouse as promised and my grandmother would proclaim it a miracle.

up until very, very, very recently, things were at the abstract bob ross stage. the "what the fuck are they doing" stage?

right now it appears that a bit of burnt umber has been added, and the day-glo blue of roger clemens has been avoided. and you know, you're totally right that had theo made these same moves, my attitude would be that he knows something i don't. but the fact that things went so horribly, terribly wrong as to let theo walk this year has meant that my assumption has been that the rest of the moves have continued in the vein of being horribly, terribly wrong.

also when the dodgers are assembling some kind of weird living history replica of the team and there are rumors we'll actually flip marte for COCO FUCKING CRISP of all people it's hard not to remain a little nervous.

hope any of that in any way answered even part of your question. it's monday.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Christ, Beth, for a second I thought the CHB link was him actually starting up his own blog. I feel you ought to put a warning on it so that people don't have heart attacks of FEAR when they first see it.

Also, I know I've been lax lately (end of the semester grrraggh), so I don't know how long it's been up, but the new banner is shiny and I want to lick it and cuddle it and let it take me far far away from the Fire Millen signs.

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