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December 13, 2005



Thanks Beth. Although your insight is intuitive, I needed some kickstarting from you yesterday to "get it." DUH!!! Of course you don't market something before it's created. On the other hand, I am having some difficulty getting started with the content. Perhaps it was unwise to start a baseball blog in the off-season? Maybe I am too focused on the "fame & fortune" stuff and I need to relax and just let it flow!

You know, folks, there are people in this world whose babbling just drives you fucking nuts in it's pointlessness (a word?). And then, there's Beth. I would say it is a pretty good sign when your babbling is loaded with important pieces of information!

PS. I spellchecked this in Word prior to posting. I would say Microsoft is due to add "blog" to their dictionary, no?


i think you have a good idea, anyway, david. i hope you stick with it!


Your babbles were entertaining. I started a blog that's not just Sox talk, and my links have yet to be added because I can't grasp how to do it without someone sitting right next to me to show me how. That me will be my nephew when he gets home from school in a couple weeks. Take care.


And do you see Matt Clement on the team next year. For some strange reason I am sure he's just about already gone.


let me consult my crystal ball...:-)

signs point to no. right now it looks like they're blowing the team up.

personally i'm starting to get afraid for foulke. haven't heard much about him...it's been quiet. too quiet.


Nooooo...not Matty! I don't like these trade rumors about him. Then again...I don't generally like trade rumors about anyone.


Foulke is either going to suck like last year, or much more likely start spotting the ball with changing speeds and be the 2004 hero who should have been the MVP of the series. Wouldn't THAT be nice!


that's IF they don't get rid of him, right? has there been any talk on that front?

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