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January 09, 2006



It's funny how things work out. In spite of their late-season fold-up in 2005 and Brees' injury, the Chargers (I am from SD) are still, IMO, better off overall without Manning.

Also, SD is a relatively easy place to play, media-wise, so I think EManning would actually have been better off here. In spite of the Giants' making the playoffs and the Chargers failure to do so, I like the Chargers' team going forward relative to the Giants'.

The NE-Den game will, obviously, be a real battle. I lean towards NE winning. I am not convinced about Jake Plummer's new-found ability to avoid INTs. This will be the big test for him.


good points, 40 rock. ironic, isn't it?

i'm hoping the pats win, because then we'd get to play either indy or pittsburgh...again. and prove a few points.


//Click to view it at full terrifying size//

::falls over::


//Click to view it at full terrifying size//

::falls over::


Watching the Giants lose is ALMOST as much fun as watching the Yankees bumble their way to a loss.


You'd think he'd be able to afford a better belt than that.

Maybe not...

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