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January 20, 2006



"Anyway, from what information I'm hearing, like McAdam's admirable piece, I'm more and more convinced of the correctness of my original assumptions about Theo, assumptions that never wavered throughout this saga: that he is a strong, ruthless, brass-balled guy--perhaps the strongest, most ruthless, brassiest-balled guy I've ever even heard of, in fact--and someone I unequivocally want on my side. As Brian puts it, "remind me never to get in the way of Theo. He’s ruthless, and Larry Lucchino has Theo’s shoe marks all over his butt.""

Wait a second. Didn't Lucchino give Theo his start at the age of 28. That shows a level of faith that most people in the baseball business were not willing to show in someone so young. That shows vision and courage. And this is how Theo repays him? Ruthless. Well I agree with you on that one. But is it admirable? It kind of reminds me of the ending of Swimming with the Sharks. You ever see that one? The long and short of it is that a young Hollywood agent learns that in order to get ahead in the game of Hollywood, you gotta sacrifice your morals and be a dick. Very Ayn Randish. And smart in that Ayn Randish way I guess. But not admirable.


or like the movie batman begins, where the character played by liam neeson saves bruce wayne in tibet, and then turns out to be the villain.

we can keep making silly analogies all day, nick, and you are of course entitled to your opinion. but i'm sure just as you're not going to listen to a red sox fan's impressions of your team's front office, i'm not going to really give much weight to a yankees fan's opinion of theo epstein.



honestly, I don't care two cents about Cashman. I like the team, and the players. Theo's smart. So is Brian. But if you think I believe they're swell guys, or that their manipulation of contract negotiations is somehow admirable, or that I admire their brassiest of brass balls (god, you're such a frat boy), well then you're like the antagonist in Karate Kid part 1. You're priorities are all out of whack.

But I must admit. You had me laughing with the Batman begins stuff. I never saw the movie. Is that really the plot?

Anyway, I'd be psyched if I were you. Theo's obviously a good gm. I just don't know why anyone would admire his being manipulative and shmuckish.


you see manipulative and schmuckish, i see relentlessly determined, principled and strong. we're talking apples and oranges here.


Very well put. As a member of RSN who usually has to rely on news articles and highlights to follow the time while I get flung all aro und the world (being in the military does that to you) I am SICK AND TIRED of the constant negativity and bullshit harping out of CHB and his partners in the Boston media. CHB has been doing the same shtick for years, no one expects any different from him by now. But it seems like most of the younger "sportswriters" and "reporters"(in quotes because if they were actually true to that title they would, I don't know, do research for fresh angles) are content to follow CHB's negative lead and talk down to the regular fan. After all he's written a book about the curse and how pathetic the average fan is, and gotten rich while doing it. So why should any of the younger guys actually put any work into their job when they see how successful CHB was by hammering the same point for years and years?

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