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January 16, 2006



I had a bit of a guilty feeling that I was acting a little jerky on Sunday too, reveling in the end of another Colts playoff run, but I got over it ;)


I was right there with you, rooting for the Steelers yesterday, except I didn't feel guilty or dirty. I actually like the Steelers, except when they're playing the Pats. And I love Jerome Bettis. That dude has been playing hard for a really long time and I would love to see him win it all.

This quote, from ESPN.com, really makes me laugh:

Pittsburgh at Denver at least shows some cleavage, but let's face it: the entire NFL universe, except for those waving Terrible Towels, was rooting for Dungy to reach the Super Bowl.

Has this guy never been to New England? Does he not understand how many of us hate Peyton Manning with the heat of a thousand suns? Sure, I feel bad for Dungy losing his kid, but that doesn't make me want to see him in the SuperBowl. So long as he's coaching Peyton, I'm still rooting against the guy, no matter how bad I feel about his personal situation.

Boston Fan in Michigan


Well, I didn't get to see the game because I was looking at shiny, shiny cars. But the rundown from you was welcome, both on the phone and here. Because, yeah, this is hilarious.


Until this season I didn't think it was possible for me to hate a football player as much as I hate certain baseball players (A-Rod...) but congrats, Eli. You done proved me wrong you smug, gutless, whiny little bitch. I hope Daddy Manning gave you a good spanking last night (and I'm sure he did).

Suck it, Irsays. Karma's a bitch.


Whatever Manning's opinion of the line play, it is clear that the right thing to say in public yesterday was "I am the leader of this team and I take full repsonsibility for this loss." The cliches about football as war exist for good reasons--the general should not, even indirectly, disparage the troops in public.


Lets really get down to business and bring this shithead down!! I dont think Ive ever enjoyed hating someone so much!!

First he and his Daddy shit on the school (Ole Miss) that considers Archie a God by rejecting the program as not good enough for his precious waterheaded boy to play for.

Then he teases the UT hillbillies that he is the second coming but loses to Florida 5 times!!!

There was the scandal of him exposing himself and making crude comments to a female UT trainer. That was settled out of court.

Then yesterday. Did anyone notice that after a false start by the Colts on the Pittsburg 1 yard line...after the play Peyton start flapping his arms...He actually blamed the Indy fans for the mishap and admonished them.

What a putz!!!


This post actually makes me want to start watching football, and that's simply the highest compliment I can possibly give.

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