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February 06, 2006


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Even putting the words Rothlisberger and Brady in the same sentence is utter nonsense. Super Bowl? How 'bout Super BORE.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Michigan vs. Miami (of Ohio).

I rest my case.

And however long your day seems, just repeat to yourself, "At least I'm not driving into the middle of nowhere to teach a group of teenaged sex offenders... At least I'm not driving into the middle of nowhere to teach a group of teenaged sex offenders... At least I'm not driving into the middle of nowhere to teach a group of teenaged sex offenders..."


Brady is no longer the golden boy. But that is merely the result of him having been a starting quarterback for 5 seasons now. Benny boy is still a wee lad and has only been a starter for 2 seasons now.

Also, respond to Steelers fans by saying that the Superbowl has been won ONCE many a times by a quaterback. Only the truly talented win it 3 times. And only the extraordinarily talented become Superbowl MVP more than once.


All you have to do with any Steelers fan crowing about Big Ben is remind them what his quarterback rating for the game was.


Are Steelers fans really impressed with the way Roethlisberger played? Not the ones I watched with. They actually were happy to have won the game despite his poor performance. It's like this: Roethlisberger may be a good quarterback in the regular season, but he picks some awful times to me mediocre (like the playoffs). I read that the Steelers are 15-2 the last two years in games not started by Tommy Maddox, Charlie Batch or Tom Brady. Kinda says something, doesn't it? Until Roethlisberger beats Brady head to head, I'll keep asking the loudmouthed Steelers fans where their proof is.


I would wipe my ass with Tom Bradys jeresy the crybaby fake...my proof....hes a fag nuff said


my, you're an eloquent one!


Wow nice response there from Lauren. Very well spoken. Way to represent your fellow Steelers fans there Lauren :-P

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