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March 27, 2006



I think the Beckett thing was alright. He gets a little upset when he thinks a batter is showing him up, even if it's during spring training, I can understand that. He's a competitor.

Sucker punching a base-runner for reasons that are pretty much lost to everybody else involved in the game, now that's a different story. Now if the Yankees are trying to start something during the playoffs, I don't mind a little fire and energy. I don't need a relief pitcher who feels the need to knock the crap out of the Devil Rays during every single opportunity. Plus, it's cheap. Dude, Tavares, learn from the Mike Timlin approach: he doesn't beat up anybody, he doesn't have to, his eyes tell the whole story.


seriously. i hope tek sits tavarez down and gives him a right talking to. i hope they put him in a strait jacket if need be. anything to cut this bullshit.


it should also be noted that in every article i've read about the incident, it is noted that jonathan papelbon and papa jack came out of the bullpen and dugout, respectively, with the sole aim of coming to the defense of gathright. when was the last time YOU saw a baseball brawl, no matter how stupid, in which a player did not back up his own teammate? shows you just how crazy tavarez really is. and then there's http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/articles/2006/03/28/tavarez_one_strike_one_brawl/>this interview, where he pretty much rubs his stupidity in everyone's face. And I quote: "What do you mean, regret?"



now i'm commenting on my own post. but whatever. easier than firing up typepad again.

alex at http://bronxbanter.baseballtoaster.com/archives/336808.html#lastcomment>bronx banter points out that the yankees / red sox rivalry, which has made even highly professional players lose their shit, will now add--read it and weep--julian tavarez and kyle farnsworth. on opposing sides. there's also still WOTS, tek and a-rod set up for a grudge match, schilling running his mouth, trot waiting to "give someone some information", sheffield double-daring a fan to touch him again... OY. shit could get ugly. and not the fun kind of ugly. i mean ugly ugly.

alex also wrote this fantastic passage re tavarez:

Farnsworth and Sturtze come across like bouncers jacked-up on Red Bull, and Tavarez has the looks of an old-timey bad guy. All that is missing is a mustache for him to twirl as he ties the girl to the train tracks.

anyway, hopefully i'm done posting comments to my own blog for today.

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