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March 20, 2006


David Welch

We named one of our toy poodles born 10/27/05 after Bronson Arroyo!


David Welch

shoot, meant to say 10/27/04. pretty important date, no? That's the day these puppies were born!


I guess that solves the dilemma for a certain Northeastern student who has professed relationships with Arroyo and Josh Beckett.


So, it's totally totally over now. Except for Schill, Manny, Wake, Trott & Tek all my favorites are gone. C'est la vie. Here's to the future...


Bummer. Too bad for Broyo. Another sucky reminder that sports are a business and in business you have to look out for number 1. Never trust the comany. The company is not loyal to you nor is it your freind. (Fans on the other hand are a different story.)


sammy, i don't think anyone's saying "it's totally over".


Sucks for Bronson, but he went from the scrap heap to a starting job, got a World Series ring, and now will be the #1 or #2 for the Reds. All in all, I'd say he made out pretty well.

As for Pena, he's going to be a superstar in two years. The only real "if" with his hitting game right now is his plate discipline, and he's recognized that as a weakness. Reportedly, he's made it a priority during the off-season, and he'll be learning from Manny, Papi, and Papa Jack.

He's 24 years old and a humongous stud. On a personal level, the trade is a bit regrettable, but it's a perfect Theo move. I'm excited.


It's cold, but I can see the thinking behind it.

I'm just really sad that there'll be no more "C is for cookie...".


I'm kinda bummed out by it. I REALLY liked Bronson, and I loved that he was genuinely happy in Boston.


poor Bronson you gotta feel for the guy he's the type of guy you want on your team the one who will take less money because they like it here :(

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