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April 30, 2006


Dave C

I'm as anti-Larussa as anyone, but I believe he does have a ring from '89, the earthquake series.


But all of that's irrelevant to the blamers. Francona's the guy whose face and name are out there, and when our players fuck up, he's the easy guy to blame.

You oversimplify and misrepresent my post. In that post, I state clearly that the manager's job is to put players in the best position to execute, but at the end of it all the players still need to execute. Blaming Francona for failure to execute is preposterous - I agree, and I did not do that. Nor did I blame Francona for the loss - that was on Curt and Seanez. But believing that the players are most likely to execute under certain scenarios and then finding that a manager doesn't enable that scenario is extremely frustrating. Letting Curt throw 133 pitches in his previous start so that he was only able to go 6 yesterday was one thing. Bringing in Seanez another. If this repeats itself, it may very well point to a negative trait of a manager, and I don't see why that's such a terrible thing to observe. And I should make it clear: these are not short-fused beliefs resulting from a single frustrating loss, and not specific to Terry Francona. These beliefs of mine are at the core of what I think the role of a manager is. Curt's last start and yesterday illustrated quite clearly a situation where the manager did not enable a higher probability of success. At the end of it all, that's a manager's ONLY job: to increase the liklihood that his players will execute, to create an atmosphere where there is an advantage and not a disadvantage.


i guess two can play at the oversimplification game. at the beginning of my post, i clearly state the following:

//a post like this (and, I'm sure, many others around the Web--not meaning to single SF out in particular)//

your post was the jumping-off point for many of my thoughts but it wasn't the only one, and i said as much.

this wasn't just about you. you are far from the only person i've heard say such things about francona, and if your post set me off, it was because i was already sick of it.

i also have never argued with your premise, of a manager creating the best conditions etc. i have, instead, asked you two questions: 1) what major league manager would be better than francona has been and 2) what specifically were his alternatives in yesterday's game. we have a difference of opinion, it would seem, when it comes to question 2, and whether or not seanez or timlin was the best choice. so i don't understand why you continue to explain your position on major league managing to me--that hasn't been what i've questioned, but rather what *specifically* about Terry Francona's moves have made him fail to meet your criteria, and what *specifically* you would rather he had done differently. so far your only response after repeated requests for a specific argument has been "i'm sure there are probably mathematical reasons why timlin should not have been pitching. this is about putting out your best, proven talent when you needed it most." i'm sorry, but that still doesn't really help me to see where you're coming from.

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