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April 30, 2006



But if we don't care about how Johnny Damon's first at-bat will be handled and are more concerned with athletic performance, ESPN will be very, very mad because that's the only thing that matters at all in any game, these meaningless little side stories, and not all of that boring sports action.

David Welch

LMAO. Tell me Damon does not look like George W. Bush in that picture!


Iain is so right.

Alex Belth

I expect Damon will hear a mixture of jeers and cheers. In an ideal world, he'd get a standing ovation his first time up, followed by steady booing for the rest of career as a Yankee. I don't mean to sound pretentious, but I think Red Sox fans have as much "class" as anyone in terms of appreciating the game and players who have done well for them. They've also got a louder portion of dopes than most. Regardless, Damon can't get too upset if they give him the business--after all, he's coming back as a freakin' Yankee for crying out loud.


//They've also got a louder portion of dopes than most.//

in your TOTALLY unbiased opinion...;-)

alex belth

Well, I don't know how to measure it, but I'd say the Yanks and Sox have equal parts great fans and louts. If you want to say the Yanks have more idiot fans or someone says it's the Sox who lead there, whatever. I think they are both more similar than they are different. You can throw in Philly fans and Met fans in the mix too.


Take away all the people who were born into their fandom. You can pretty much say that all of those know about baseball, about their team, and their rival, hence, are not idiots.

But include all the people who made the conscious decision to follow either the Sox or the Yanks, and you're going to find that there are WAY more idiots on the Yanks' side than the Sox'. Simply because over, say, the last 80 years, WAY more people in general decided to become Yankee fans--due to all their championships. So their fanbase is clouded much more by people who have no idea what's going on. So, take the bad with the good. You've got more rings, and more dumbells.


Sorry, I've got more. We're not similar. Red Sox fans are people who stuck with a team that never won, or purposely chose one who never won. Yankee fans found themselves with the "best team in the solar system" or whatever they call themselves, or chose to root for the team that always won. HUGE difference.


//LMAO. Tell me Damon does not look like George W. Bush in that picture!//

omg i didn't notice that but he does

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