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May 01, 2006


David Welch

How awesome is THAT news? I told Beth that the last time I was THIS excited was X-MAS 2004 when 'tek reupped.

Next time will be when Roger signs . . .


This is the best news in a while! The reinforcement are arriving, history is being reversed, and this has got to be the kind of emotional spark that will make the Red Sox forget that road trip.




i LOVE me some dougie. so happy!! now i don't have to cringe over every pitch tonight. now we don't have to wonder if johnny will get the biggest cheers - dougie will!!!


This is great news? Dougie hasn't caught a knuckleball since early October 2005 and is expected to jump off a plane to "save the team" for one game on May 1st? This reeks of panic and I don't like it. Then Tek has to DH and Ortiz play first? whatever...it's silly I think. But I don't discount the fun in bringing back an old favorite, especially if the fans love him. How's that for wishy-washy?


i love the "panic move" reaction. sometimes i think ppl are insisting on being negative any way they can. one of our starting pitchers has yet to get a win, his RA vs. ERA diff is off the freakin' charts because we can't find anyone to catch him correctly, we just had a 3 and 7 road trip with an offense that can't buy a timely hit...what exactly was it you were waiting for that would justify "panicking"? obviously this team needs some adjustments. right? or would it be better not to make any adjustments because that's admitting there's a problem, i.e. panicking? i mean, let's make up our minds, here. do we want them to make adjustments and solve the problems or don't we?

also, honestly, i have no idea where anyone gets their pronouncements about how mirabelli is going to suck, that he was never that good at catching the knuckleball anyway...um...i seem to remember him being pretty decent, guys. i mean, is " he hasn't caught a knuckleball since Oct. 2005" REALLY the best we can come up with?

finally, i never said anything about "saving the team". obviously there's more to do. but in the long run, mirabelli's been the only catcher in the last *seven years* to catch the knuckleball even remotely effectively--if not perfectly (which no one has claimed), and his offensive contributions have been great for a backup catcher.

plus i like the guy and i'm glad he's back, and it's an EXCELLENT STORY that he's jetting his way back to swoop in and save wake...what's wrong with liking a good story?


For serious, if someone said, "Theo, why'd you bring Dougie back?" and he responded with, "Because Wake told me to," and that was the ONLY reason? I'd be fine with it. No problem at all.


//"plus i like the guy and i'm glad he's back..."//

Absolutely, Beth. And that's why I made sure to add "But I don't discount the fun in bringing back an old favorite, especially if the fans love him" in my original post. And sorry for not being more clear about my "saving the team" comment. Yes, you're right Beth, YOU did not make that statement, but the general feeling of him coming in to catch tonight's game vs. the Bronx Assholes "appears" at least to be a grandstand move. So maybe tonight would've been a good test if the new guy could cut it with the ESPN cameras and the hated rivals in town? Maybe he rises to the occasion and turns his shit around tonight? I'm just not sure that if we were playing KC tonight on just local TV that this move is made just yet. Just my thoughts -- enjoy the game!


I found out at about 3:00 right before one of my softball games and I was like wow I'm gonna go cry happy tears now but i never really reacted. After the game (which we won) I went so did we really get Dougie back and my coach goes yea and the girl who had mentioned it earlier goes i already told you that and I wa slike yea but i wanted it so much I couldn't believe it. I had another game after that at 6 and my friends boyfriend who is like my Red Sox buddy went and I was like omg Pat(who had been being negative that morning about Wake) Mirabelli's coming back and I was jumping around like a little kid on Christmas it was hilarious. So my coach calls me today that my game is cancelled and he goes right into a convo about the game last night without even mentioning it it was so funny because i usually hate talking to my coaches k i'll shut up now

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