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May 09, 2006



//What I DO have a HUGE problem with is that they (or, at least, the online members of the Yanks-fan species) simultaneously cast themselves as "classy" fans and Sox fans as the boorish, uncouth ones.//

Really the thing to do is cease to take (the vast majority of) Yankee fans seriously.

//s it because they have no place left to feel superior anymore? //

Pretty much.

Notice that you never catch the real class of Yankee fandom, like Alex Belth, engaging in that kind of nonsense.


"Is it because they have no answer yet to our World Series win that they keep trying to tell us how to act about it?"

Pointing out classless behavior has nothing to do with the World Series victory. I can't speak for the rest of the Empire but I've been saying it for YEARS. The "Jeter Swallows" shirts came out well before the 2004 World Series. And then there were some other ones that hinted that some Yankee players were homosexuals - with the implication that that made them bad people. Which I never quite understood since being "a gay" isn't such a bad thing or under anyone's control. But whatever, they booed Papi right.


we could go on forever with this. you're going to come up with examples you say are more heinous (and try to tar every red sox fan with the same brush--personally i find those shirts offensive, too, and have never bought or even touched one, but whatever, some other asshole stands out on the corner with them after games right), and then compare it to something milder, like yanks fans booing papi. you're not going to compare apples to apples like the yankees actually getting a t-shirt produced *through MLB* with a fucking pacifier on it saying "Who's your Daddy?" (at least before MLB was forced to yank it) or official news media *calling for the yankees to throw at a player* because basically? he's too good and he beats you all the time and that makes you mad.

but in your twisted little minds, those last two are ok. because those get minimized into "booing papi" where you conflate and inflate the t-shirt bullcrap into a supreme court case.

what i'm saying is, it's an argument i'm not interested in having anymore. forget it. both sides have idiots. both sides have nice people. neither side is "classier" or worse than the other. like i said, pick something else to harp on. period.


Um, yeah like you said "So come up with some other angle if you want to argue Yankees / Sox with me."

HOWEVER, you also said (what I quoted in my first comment):

"Is it because they have no answer yet to our World Series win that they keep trying to tell us how to act about it?"

I'm not arguing that your two examples are OK (or that Yankees fans throwing shit on the field in the ALCS is OK or Boston Sucks shirts are OK) because, eventhough you brought it up in the first place, you say you don't want to argue about it. And for the record, I'm willing to bet that you are like every other Red Sox fan I know personally - a good sports fan who's above this filth. My point was that no, it's not some inferiority complex we all the sudden feel that makes us point these things out. It's because they happen and have been happening for years. Maybe not everyone does it, but enough do to notice.


Fandom in general has changed since I was a kid. I remember the tradition of a pitcher walking off the mound with his head down after he was yanked by his manager and as he got to the dugout the fans behind the dugout applauded politely(either teams' pitcher, that is) and sometimes a larger crowd applauded as well. Just out of some traditional respect for the guy who was out there doing battle. I remember the first time I saw this I was about 9 years old, and I didn't think it was hokey or corny. I got it. But now the merciless booing and taunting is out of control. Every team does it - not just the Sox and Yanks. It's a sad commentary.

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