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May 09, 2006



//It appears to me that despite the way the competitive picture has changed in this century, the Yankees and even many Red Sox fans simply can't adjust to the end of the Red Sox / Yankees hegemony that we all grew so used to prior to 2004.//

Indeed. Why just the other day at Bronx Banter a couple of commenters noted how much they 'missed the old days' when 'the Red Sox would always lose in the end.' Now that they no longer have this certitude, a certain segment has taken up the 'Red Sox fans are classless' etc. to compensate.

Which is funny, considering how these same Yankee fans booed Jeter and Mo in recent memory. And Wells of course - he was soundly booed, perfect game aside, during his first appearance in the Bronx in a Red Sox uni.

Peter Mark

And don't think he forgot it, considering he's penciled in for a start against the Yanks next time we play them. ****Shudder****


Who cares about "class" in this discussion, anyway? True fans on both sides of the Sox-Yankees rivalry are typically completely classless, which is part of the fun. You EXPECT Yankees fans to be foul-mouthed and generally obnoxious. You EXPECT Red Sox fans to wear a wide assortment of t-shirts lampooning our despised nemeses and yelling "Yankees Suck!" no matter who the opponent is (I've been to a few Pearl Jam concerts in Boston that ended with the crowd chanting "Yankees Suck!" as we filed out, too... in Philly, post-Pearl Jam show, the chant was, "E! A! G! L! E! S! Eagles!" Go figure.)


By the way... "Boogate?" C'mon. Can't we retire the -gate suffixes at this point?

"I was saying Boo-urns."


I'm trying really hard not to make any comment about the Post ad for Randy Johnson's Mini Balls. And apparently failing. ;-)

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