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May 11, 2006



I'm actually with you on the Mussina thing. I don't root for the man or anything, but objectively speaking, his pitching is enjoyable. At least if it's not a Red Sox game, because then I can just kind of sit back and watch like it's the ballet instead of caring about the results of said pitches. Like watching a hockey game I don't care about - the skating is so gorgeous.

I think that was my favorite photo credit in any blog, also.


I'll third a fascination with Mussina. It started some years ago simply because he was so scary. When we played the Yankees, he was consistantly the one who made me shake in my boots a bit. Then, as I started watching him pitch to better understand the threat, I started to appreciate just watching the lovely way he does his job. It's been wierd to be both happy (for the Sox) but sad (because of my respect for him) to watch him slow down a bit these last two years.


Beth, he's my favorite Yank, so it's especially nice to see that you appreciate him. Great post as usual (and I'm not just saying that because you validated my admiration of the man). As a Yanks fan, I must admit to loving how Bill Mueller played with the Sox, and always respecting Wakefield's quiet grace.

I'm sure in a couple of hours we'll be saying mean things to each other on YFSF, so here's to a little calm before the storm.


oh, talking about buelly makes my heart hurt.

and yes, this must be a sign of the apocalypse. :-)


With Papelbon defending a bigger lead in the 9th than he did in the 8th, I'm feeling the pendulum love right now. Go Sox!

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