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June 08, 2006



He touches her shoulder but thinks that is too close to boob so tries to smoothly go back. That is what is so funny. It is like a 13 year old on a his first date with his mom driving the minivan.

Boston Fan in Michigan

Are you trying to say that Bill Mueller is an irritable and occasionally vicious but lovable cat??


amy--really? i had noticed that but didn't think it was the actual joke. yikes.

sam--yeah, except no. that's where the comparison breaks down, i think.


Have to point out in fairness to myself and other Yankees fans, the "Bathroom Break" handle was originated by a Sox fan (MattyMatty) on YFSF. It's used by Yanks fans. But it's mostly used by Sox fans.

David Welch

And the bathroom break only works when he's at the PLATE! You would not DARE take one when he's manning SS!


I thought they were laughing because he's so awkward and stiff when he says his line (I imagine it is like the 5th time, and she and he both know it's gonna be bad, and it is, and it makes them laugh anyway). But I do wonder why they chose to put it in the commercial. There's no context.

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