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July 23, 2006



Wow, you watched that bottom of the 9th, huh? I knew what was going to happen (telling myself, "yeah, it's nice they didn't give up, but boy, are they gonna lose anyway..."), and promptly started playing videogames at the end of the top of the 9th. Confirmed about 10 minutes later, when I switched back to the cable feed and yep, the game is over. I have Extra Innings, as I live in New York, and seeing the game schedule up was the worst thing possible at the time. Game...effin'...ovah.

SO glad I didn't stay. There was a game against Detroit earlier this year that made me more angry at the time, but it ended in completely unexpected victory. I think this will stand (barring a postseason berth that ends badly) as one of the three worst losses of the year.


I still don't get this whole attitude. It makes me feel like everyone who said "I believed" in 2004 was full of shit. Needless to say, I thought we'd win. Varitek had just tied the game, I was totally riding high. But that's just me.

Had Pap come in then, he would've had to get six outs at least--the ninth and tenth. In other words, that inning may as well have been the bottom of the eighth. So Tito stuck with Timlin, who decided to throw a pitch right over the plate to Sexson when he should've been wasting pitches.


jere, i'm not sure who you're responding to, but i don't disagree with the decision to leave timlin in.


Well, Jere, all I can say is that I certainly did believe in 2004. After Game 3, I thought, "If they can just win this next one..."

But it just felt like a punch-drunk game, this Seattle one. Everytime the Sox got up, they got back down. Sue me for walking away. Also, I was mad at the ridiculous outfield gaffes. I was happy at the Varitek homer, but thought, "they don't score again, they don't win". I've often been wrong and tuned back in happy to be so, but not this time.

I don't disagree with Timlin being in either.

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