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July 20, 2006



Hmm. See this is why I don't like this show. It brings up a lot of stuff that, thanks to 2004, is now moot and it opens up all kinds of old wounds and arguments that are no longer relevant at this point. I guess that's what the show is intended to do. It's just not my cup of tea.

Personally I will be totally amazed if the outcome of the show is that the Sox still lose the game.. 5-2 Sox lead. Timlin in the 8th, Williamson in the 9th. Bring on the Marlins.

I like that NESN is doing some original programs like this, but I personally don't care for the 'What If' topic in general, except in Marvel Comic books that is ;)


Because Game 7 is a bitter piece of history to relive, but it was also my fiery baptism as a Red Sox fan. It was the moment they let me down, sure, but also the moment I realized just how much I loved them.

I can identify with that, even if I didn't have all the previous years of suffering. I think, in my case, that that love of the Sox was born precisely because they lost that game in the most heartbreaking way imaginable.

I won't get to see the show, either, given that we don't get NESN out in our neck of the woods, but having read your post, I feel that not seeing it is now fairly irrelevant. Great post, Beth.

David Welch

No DVR or Tivo yet?

Beating the MFY in 2003 would have been sweet. However:

1) It set us up for an even sweeter revenge in 2004. Imagine how differently we all would have felt after the greatest comeback in history if the Sox had won that game in 2003.

2) It was pretty commonly agreed upon at the time, and especially after the Marlins beat the MFY in the WS, that whichever team had emerged the victor, they were so emotionally drained from the ALCS series, the Marlins were gonna win it all!

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