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August 01, 2006


David Welch

Googled Wells NEAR Mirabelli


http://www.signonsandiego.com/sports/sullivan/20060109-9999-1s9sullivan.html (paragraph 16)

No hints there. The only thing I can imagine is that Wells is jealous that Mirabelli got to go back to San Diego, but that didn't even last, LOL.


I saw that little shove, and at the time, it looked seriously hostile to me, too. But then nobody said anything, not so much as a peep, and I sort of thought maybe I imagined the angry tension of the moment. At the time, it made my heart ache a little for Dougie to see what I thought was Wells being an egotistical dick and taking it out on him.


personally--and again, this is total speculation and i'm hoping someone comes forward with some kind of confirmation or official word on what actually happened--if it was the hostile moment it looked like, i don't think wells' position is entirely unsympathetic. he's just finally established a decent rhythm on the hitter, and that second pitch was not only caught but a strike. why did mirabelli have to go out there to chirp at him about crossing him up or not throwing the pitch he called or whatever? i mean, wells' frustration was also palpable--not only is he getting shelled but then the catcher he's used to working with gets pulled. then the fill-in guy gets up in his grille about not going with the pitch he called...i might get a little overheated too.

but like i said. this is all TOTAL speculation. there's got to be someone out there who can give some more info.

anyone...? bueller?


Hmmm. I saw exactly the moment you are talking about - but I interpreted it as more of a playful jock-ish moment - but again, I could be totally wrong as well. I defer to others. It went by so fast. It did seem curious that nobody mentioned it - and it seemed like the announcers were about to START to reference it - there was a little laugh that happened - but then silence. Nada.


I definitely thought it was playful and I believe it was Sutcliffe doing the color commentary who said "Wells probably said something like 'hey man, if you could run at all, we'd be up by another run or 2.'(referring to Dougie not getting the triple and then getting nailed at home). I think it was just WBW. no biggie. but I agree, he's a dick.

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