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August 31, 2006


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"Now it's past the point at which even we can joke about Boston's injury situation."

Yeah - not even remotely funny. Not even close...

In fact, said frontrunning douchebags may feel free to offer me their tickets. I will personally take them off their douchebaggy hands.

Me too. If someone will spring for the air-fare, that is ;-)


I keep thinking it can't get worse, it's already too awful, and now this? I don't even know what to think.

Part of me is glad I'm not in RS country anymore (spending three months outside the NESN beltway), but at the same time, I'd love to take those tickets off people's hands and cheer for the boys who are doing their jobs, getting out there and playing every single game.


Maybe our vision of Papelbon being carried away by a giant eagle was not, in fact, an unrealistic one.

F the bandwagoneers. Yell extra loud tonight to me.


I was just thinking to myself that I might finally be able to afford a ticket thanks to all of these people selling theirs.

Then I realized I probably still couldn't afford it. Silly diapers. Why do babies need diapers anyway? Couldn't we get them to signal us in advance or something and then just hold them over the toilet.

Ahem... sorry to get off on a rant.


http://www.diaperfreebaby.org/>some people do.

it http://leerypolyp.blogs.com/the_leery_polyp/2006/08/the_dinner_part.html>doesn't always go so well, though.


Egads! That story (the second link) is hilarious.

Okay, okay... I will keep buying diapers. Maybe I'll buy Sox tickets next year.

David Welch

douchebaggy hands


"In fact, said frontrunning douchebags may feel free to offer me their tickets. I will personally take them off their douchebaggy hands."


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